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Conbraco PVB Float and Bonnet Kit 1/2 in. - 3/4 in. | CDC4A-004-07

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Conbraco PVB Float and Bonnet Kit 1/2 in. - 3/4 in.

  • Float and Bonnet Repair Kit
  • For Combraco 1/2" & 3/4" Pressure Vacuum Breakers
  •  Sku:  CDC4A-004-07

Kit Includes:

  • Bonnet O-Ring
  • O-Ring Lubricant
  • Bonnet Assembly
  • Float Assembly
  • Float Cage
  • Canopy

Product Details



  1. Close #2 shut-off valve, then close #1 shut-off valve.
  2. Bleed pressure from device by opening test cocks #1 and #2.
  3. Remove the air inlet canopy by loosening the two screws, rotating the canopy to the left, and lifting up.
  4. Unscrew and remove the bonnet and float assembly. DO NOT USE CANOPY TO UNSCREW BONNET! DAMAGE TO THE CANOPY MAY OCCUR.
  5. Remove float cage.
  6. Push down and turn the spring retainer 90° to remove. Remove the spring. Remove the poppet from the check seat.
  7. Holding the poppet assembly in one hand, remove screw and retaining washer.
  8. Remove the seat disc.
  9. All parts should be carefully inspected for any damage or excessive wear and thoroughly rinsed in clean water prior to reassembly. Replace worn parts as necessary.
  10. Normally, the check seat need not be removed. If removal is required, rock it back and forth while pulling outward.

CAUTION: Do not use pliers or other tools, which may damage or scratch the plastic stem.


  1. If the check seat was removed, install the new o-ring and lubricate with Apollo supplied lubricant, DOW 111, or equal. Line up the seat with the bore and push it firmly into place.
  2.  Install new disc in poppet and secure with washer and screw.
  3.  Place and center the poppet assembly in the check seat.
  4. Install the spring onto the poppet, ensure that it is centered around the raised spring pad.
  5. Install the spring retainer onto the spring by pushing down into the grooves of the check seat and turning 90°. Ensure spring retainer pops up about .1” and locks into the lugs.
  6. Install float cage and float. See drawing for correct orientation.
  7. Apply a thin coat of Apollo supplied lubricant, DOW 111 or equal onto o-ring, screw bonnet into body.
  8. Test device to insure proper installation.
  9. Install air inlet canopy.

CAUTION: Ensure the spring retainer orientation matches that in the parts list drawing or the device’s flow will be significantly restricted.


Air inlet fails to open or opens below 1 psig. 1. Float not moving freely.
2. Float disc sticking to seat.
1. Inspect for fouling debris or deposits.
2. Clean float seat area on bonnet and replace
float disc/turn disc over.
Air inlet fails to close. 1. Float not moving freely.
2. Float disc fouled with debris.
1. Inspect for fouling debris or deposits.
2. Clean float seat area on bonnet and remove
Check valve fails to hold 1 psig. 1. Check valve fouled with debris.
2. Check valve seat damage.
1. Remove, clean, or replace check valve.
2. Replace seat.
Water continues to flow from test cock #2 during
test #2.
1. #2 shut-off valve not closed completely.
2. Test equipment improperly installed.
1. Close #1 shut-off valve.
More Information
Brand Conbraco
Series Conbraco PVB Float and Bonnet Kit
Backflow Compatability Conbraco PVB Repair
Warranty 5 Years
Size 1/2 in. - 3/4 in.
Type PVB Repair Kit
Manual (1.55 MB)
Specifications (161.72 kB)