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DIG 1/4 in. Black Vinyl Tubing (.160 ID x .220 OD) (60 PSI) (500 ft.) | 12-056

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DIG 1/4 in. Black Vinyl Tubing

  • PSI: 60
  • Length: 500 ft
  • Diameter: 0.160 ID x 0.220 OD

Features & Benefits

DIG’s 1/8” and 1/4″ commercial-grade vinyl distribution tubing are available in black or brown color and in coil lengths of 100′ and 500′ 1000, and 3000’. Made of high-quality vinyl, the micro tubing is flexible and relatively soft. It is manufactured with an antioxidant and contains a minimum of 2% concentrated carbon black to protect the finished product from thermal degradation.  The vinyl distribution tubing is used in a wide range of drip irrigation applications, including as feeder lines from the 1/2″ drip tubing to extend drip emitters or micro-sprinklers to the plants, as extensions from a single PC dripper to 4-, 6- and 12-outlet drip manifolds.

  • Available in 50′, 100’ and 500′, 1000′ and 3000′ coils (15 m, 30 m, 150 m, 300 m, 900 m)
  • Contains a minimum of 2% concentrated Carbon Black and an antioxidant to protect the distribution tubing from thermal degradation
  • Softer, more flexible, and easier to use than poly distribution tubing
  • Meets the demand for micro-irrigation systems for above- or below-ground layouts in agricultural and landscape installations
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturers’ brands of the same OD size distribution tubing
  • Available in black or brown colors

Product Details

  • Operating pressure: up to 30 PSI (2.1 BAR)
  • Coil length in 50', 100’ and 500', 1000' and 3000' coils (15 m, 30 m, 150 m, 300 m, 900 m)
  • Stiffness: 90 shore
  • Color: black or brown
  • Material: Vinyl with a minimum of 2% carbon black
More Information
Brand DIG
Inner Diameter .160 in.
Outer Diameter .220 in.
Type Vinyl Tubing
Purpose Or Function Distribution
Warranty 1 Year
Size 1/4 in.
Specifications (472.36 kB)