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DIG Pressure Regulator Filter and Drip Zone 25 PSI | SRC-25-700

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DIG Pressure Regulator Filter and Drip Zone 25 PSI

  • PSI: 25
  • Size: 1/2"
  • Connection: FNPT

Features & Benefits

The 1/2″ FNPT X .700″ OD Sprinkler Riser to Drip Conversion Kit, model SRC-25-700, is used to convert a 1/2” sprinkler riser into a low-flow drip irrigation zone. The SRC-25-700 includes a 1/2″ conversion adapter, a 25-PSI preset pressure regulator, and a .700″ OD swivel tee to start a drip irrigation system for landscape plantings or lawn replacement from any 1/2” sprinkler riser. Constructed of molded ultraviolet-resistant, high-impact plastic, the kit allows a 1/2” sprinkler riser to serve as the point of connection from the 1/2” riser to 1/2” dripline or drip tubing. The 25-PSI pressure regulator reduces the outgoing pressure, providing protection to the zone.

  • Converts a 1/2” male pipe thread riser to a two-way .700″ OD compression connection
  • Allows the start of a drip irrigation zone from any sprinkler riser
  • Reduces incoming water pressure to the ideal working pressure for a drip system
  • Simple and easy solution for starting a drip irrigation system
  • Provides flexibility in converting a 1/2” riser into a drip irrigation zone in a few steps
  • Secure and easy installation of drip line or drip tubing without glue or clamps
  • The tee’s black insert fits all drip line or polyethylene drip tubing with .670″ OD, .700″ OD, and .704″ OD
  • High-strength plastic construction with UV protection for durability and long life

Product Details

  • Kit Includes: 1 1/2” adapter, 1, 25-PSI (1.7 BAR) pressure regulator, 1 swivel tee with a 60-mesh screen, .700" OD
  • Maximum operating pressure: up to 100 PSI (7 BAR)
  • Flow rate: up to 5 GPM (19 L/H)
  • Outlet preset pressure: 25 PSI (1.7 BAR)
  • Inlet: 1/2" FNPT
  • Outlet .700" OD compression tee fits drip line & poly tubing with .690" OD, .700" OD and .704" OD
  • Screen: 60 mesh
  • Temperature range: up to 130°F
  • UPC code: 840620100298
  • Materials: high impact plastic with UV protection
More Information
Brand DIG
Warranty 3 Years