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EZ-Flo Low Flow Ball Valve Hose Connector | 3060-BV

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EZ-Flo Low Flow Ball Valve Hose Connector 

  •  Connection: 3/4" Garden Hose Thread with Ball Valve
  •  Purpose: Replaces the hose bib connector that comes with the hose and drip systems

Features & Benefits

The 3060-BV has a ball valve between the inlet and outlet connection fittings that can be adjusted to increase feed rates over the standard feed rates and to provide feeding capability in drip systems with less than 2 gallons per minute of water flow. It replaces the hose bib connector that comes with the hose and drip systems.

  • 3060-BV –3/4” Garden Hose Thread Connection with Ball Valve
  • Used to connect the EZ-FLO system to the garden hose for drip or hand watering, before or after the valve with the 1/4′′ flexible tubing provided with every EZ-FLO system.
  • Ball Valve version (3060-BV) provides the ability to adjust the differential pressure between the inlet and outletconnections to allow for injection at very low flow rates.

Product Details

The CBV connection must be calibrated to the flow rate of your irrigation system. If the
irrigation system is higher flow, primarily compsed of spray heads or larger drip irrigation
zones, adjustment to the CBV may not be required.

The EZ-FLO system must be full of fertilizer which provides a color that can be used to
indicate flow through the clear line. If your fertilizer is not colored, add blue or green dye to
the tank.

Adjusting the ball valve will not affect the performance of the irrigation system.

The valve closure is only necessary when the irrigation system is not operating at full capacity. Water is diverted through the EZ-FLO system as a bypass and reintroduced downstream of the valve eliminating the pressure and flow loss.

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Brand EZ-Flo
Warranty 5 Years