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Freeze Tolerant Ball Valve 3/4 in. | FTBV-07-T

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Freeze Tolerant Ball Valve 3/4"

Features & Benefits 

  • Includes pre-installed replaceable freeze plug
  • Additional freeze plugs not included
  • Size: 3/4"
  • Brass body
  • Stainless steel nut 

Why replace the whole valve when you can just replace the plug? With durability and efficiency at the forefront, Freeze Tolerant's 600 WOG rated ball valve comes with a pre-installed replaceable freeze plug. It also includes a full port, chrome-plated brass ball, stainless steel nut, wider handle, and a brass body with substantially thicker side walls for enhanced performance. 

Freeze Plug will burst during temperatures below 32°F or 0°, if the valve has water inside and the valve has been shut off, and/or if there is no water in the valve but it has not been turned to a 45° angle.