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Griswold 2000, 2030 and 2230 Disc Rubber Seat 3 in. | 6758-G

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Griswold 2000, 2030 and 2230 Disc Rubber Seat 3 in. 

  • Size: 3 in.
  • Brand: Griswold
  • Type: Disc Rubber Seat

Features & Benefits

  • Part # 6758-G
  • Replacement Rubber Seat Disc
  • Fits 3-inch Valves

Product Details

2000 Series Heavy Duty Irrigation Valves

For maximum performance and longevity, no other remote-control irrigation valve can compare to the self-cleaning Griswold 2000 Series valves. The unique design allows the 2000 series valve to serve dependably under the most adverse conditions. Sludge, algae, silt, and other contaminants have no effect on the valve action.

There are no filters or screens to clean or replace. Instead, the mechanism cleans itself each time the valve opens and closes- smoothly and quietly. The same mechanism is designed for absolute control over the speed at which the valve opens and closes. There is never any water hammer or chatter that can damage pipe joints and other sensitive parts of the irrigation systems.

2000 Series Heavy Duty Irrigation Valves

  • Operating Pressures: 3 200 psi
  • Flow Range: 0.01 3000 gpm+
  • Manual On-Off Control
  • Combination Straight & Angle Pattern Body
  • Pressure Accuracy: +/- 5%
  • Optional Epoxy-Fused Coatings
More Information
Brand Griswold
Type Disc Rubber Seat
Warranty 5 Years
Troubleshooting (279.59 kB)
Brochure (3.95 MB)
Instructions (1.59 MB)
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