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Grow More 16 oz. 10N-0P-0K Liquid Supplement | MAXI-CAL

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Grow More MAXI-CAL 16 oz. 10-0-0 Calcium Deficiency Corrector Mix

Maxi-Cal liquid is a bio-effective formulation, that provides excellent absorption and a reliable system for prevention or correction of physiological calcium and micronutrients deficiencies in fruit, vegetables, nut and vine crops.

Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

  • Blossom End Rot - Tomatoes, peppers and melon occur when plant is under stress or rapid growth.
  • Hollow Heart - Potatoes and brussel sprouts can develop internal brown spots during growing season or after harvest in storage.
  • Tip Burn - Cabbage and lettuce exhibit deficiency at growing tips of newly formed leaves.
  • Cabity Spot - Carrots exhibit cell breakdown just beneath the epidermis.
  • Black Heart - Celery calcium moves slowly from older tissues to fast growing young leaves.
More Information
Brand Grow More
Liquid Yes
Supplement Type Calcium Deficiency
Container Size (oz.) 16 oz.
Formula 10N-0P-0K
Type Liquid Supplement