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Grow More 3 lbs. 15N-30P-15K Fertilizer | SUPER-BLOOM-15-30-15

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SUPER BLOOM 15-30-15 Fertilizer Mix

Widely used in Agricultural and Horticultural application, special ingredients designed for immediate utilization by the plant, provide balanced N-P-K, multiple sources of nitrogen and fully chelated micronutrients.

Formulated for transplanting celery, tomatoes, peppers or other crops requiring high Phosphorus levels during the early stages of crop growth.

  • 100% Soluble Nutritional Foliage Spray That Can Be Applied To Fruit And Other Crops Nearing Maturity, Leaving Little Or No Visible Residue At Harvest
  • Safe and Effective For The Many Different Species And Sizes Of Plants Grown Together In Greenhouses And Nurseries
  • Contain Elements Which Provide The Entire Spectrum Of Nutrients Needed For A Wide Variety Of Plants
  • Provides A Source Of Immediately Available Plant Nutrients. Particularly Suitable For Fast Growing Field, Vegetable And Nursery Crops
  • 100% Soluble And Does Not Need Agitation In The Tank
  • Formulated To Be Compatible With Most Common Pesticides And Fungicides - Especially Suited For Aircraft Applications
  • Can Be Used As Both A Spreader And Acidifier
  • Uniform In Analysis Every Drop Contains The Same Analysis
  • Contains Chelating And Sequestering Agents To Assure Availability Without Precipitation Of The Major And Micronutrients
  • Contains No Chlorides
More Information
Brand Grow More
Purpose Flowers, Fruit Growth
Product Weight 3 lbs.
Formula 15N-30P-15K
Type Fertilizer