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Hunter PCB Pressure Compensating Umbrella Bubbler 1 GPM | PCB-10

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Bubbler Nozzles: A whole new generation in bubbler technology offers all the precision of drip; but none of the maintenance hassles.

Hunter presents a way to meet your deep watering needs that offers considerably more efficiency than drip irrigation. With the ability to compensate for pressure differences; the Hunter PCB (and the PCN ; which attaches directly to pop-up spray bodies) allows the output of water to remain constant regardless of the input pressure; resulting in a precise application never before achieved in bubblers. Now; every plant; shrub or tree can receive the same amount of water required with no excess runoff or waste. Best of all; because it's so simple to install; you'll have the perfect alternative to drip; no fancy filtration; no unsightly above-ground tubes; and considerably less chance of damage. For a more attractive; more efficient way to deep water; let the idea of Hunter's PCB and PCN sink in.

PCB Bubbler Nozzles: No Need to Guess With Specific Flow Rates

Our line-up of four different PCB models means that you can select precisely the one that you need to meet each of your individual plant's watering requirements. Choose from color-coded flow rates of either .25; .50; 1.0 or 2.0 gallons per minute to eliminate guesswork and guarantee that all your greenery gets exactly the water it needs. Or choose the AFB model which pressure compensates to a 2.0 GPM flow and can be fine-tuned with a stainless steel screw adjustment.

PCN Bubbler Nozzles: Sometimes the Best Ideas Just Seem to Pop-up

We've taken the technology behind the PCB and gone one step beyond. With the pressure compensating nozzle (PCN); there is now a solution for deep watering needs that is specifically designed for the SRS; Pro-Spray; or Institutional Spray. That means you get all the advantages over traditional drip irrigation plus a product that sits atop a riser that retracts into the ground when not in use. It's the most tamper-proof; eye-appealing method of deep watering available today (attention specifiers: you're going to like this).

PCN & PCB Nozzles

  • Model: 25 | PSI: 30 | GPM: 0.25 | Pattern Type: Trickle
  • Model: 50 | PSI: 30 | GPM: 0.50 | Pattern Type: Trickle
  • Model: 10 | PSI: 30 | GPM: 1.00 | Pattern Type: Umbrella
  • Model: 20 | PSI: 30 | GPM: 2.00 | Pattern Type: Umbrella

*** Note: Typical Spacing is 1 to 3 ft.

More Information
Brand Hunter
Type Bubbler Nozzle
Max PSI 70 PSI
Operating PSI 15 - 70 PSI
Inlet Size 1/2"
Warranty 2 Years
Spray Pattern Full Circle