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Hunter PRO Adjustable Nozzle 17 ft | PRO-17A

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Hunter PRO Adjustable Nozzle 17 ft

  • Type: Adjustable Nozzle
  • Max PSI: 40 PSI
  • Operating PSI: 20 - 40 PSI

 Features & Benefits

Precise edges, optimum droplet size deliver superior matched precipitation for the most popular arc settings. The Hunter Pro-Spray name has come to stand for your assurance of unsurpassed quality and performance in a professional-grade spray head. Now, the name also guarantees the same high standards for spray nozzles.

While many landscapes require precise fine-tuning to achieve optimum coverage, the vast majority of spray heads that contractors install call for the use of standard angle nozzles that is, full circle, half-circle, and quarter-circle patterns. When installing nozzles along straight runs or in areas that require 360 arcs, labor will be saved by not having to adjust each nozzle to those common patterns.

With patterns that feature precise edges and a droplet size that minimizes wind drift, Hunter Pro-Spray nozzles have been painstakingly designed to provide superior coverage. Five different radius ranges are available, each able to be reduced if needed for fine-tuning and each color-coded for quick and easy radius identification.

  • Crisp, well-defined edges
  • Matched precipitation rate on each nozzle from 8A to 17A
  • Easy grip top for simple adjustment
  •  Large water droplets cut through wind
  • Even distribution results in better coverage
  • 4' and 6' models provide additional flexibility
  •  Color-coded for easy field identification
  • Adjustable from 0° to 360°

Product Details

Hunter Pro-Spray Adjustable Nozzles:

  • Hunter PRO-8A (8' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-10A (10' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-12A (12' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-15A (15' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-17A (17' Radius)

Hunter Pro-Spray Full Circle Fixed Pattern Nozzles:

  • Hunter PRO-8F (8' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-10F (10' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-12F (12' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-15F (15' Radius)

Hunter Pro-Spray Half Circle Fixed Pattern Nozzles:

  • Hunter PRO-8H (8' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-10H (10' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-12H (12' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-15H (15' Radius)

Hunter Pro-Spray Quarter Circle Fixed Pattern Nozzles:

  • Hunter PRO-8Q (8' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-10Q (10' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-12Q (12' Radius)
  • Hunter PRO-15QF (15' Radius)
Nozzle 17A Grey
20 16 3.88 1.46 1.68
25 17 4.52 1.51 1.74
30 17 4.60 1.53 1.77
35 18 5.00 1.49 1.72
40 19 5.52 1.47 1.70


More Information
Brand Hunter
Type Adjustable Nozzle
Max PSI 40 PSI
Operating PSI 20 - 40 PSI
Warranty 2 Years
Spray Pattern Adjustable Arc
Connection Female
Spray Radius 17 ft
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