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Hydro-Rain Manifold Tee (1 in. MBT ) | HRM-100-01-BD

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Hydro-Rain HRM-100-01-BD 1-Port Manifold Body

When we set out to reinvent the manifold, we had speed, green and toughness in mind. We live in a world where most contractors still build up their manifolds by hand, using PVC, primers, and glues. The rationale is that it?s fast and cheap. But is it really? Our Hydro-Rain time trials show that even a fast contractor spends over 13 minutes to build the valve nest out of PVC. Hyrdro-Rain?s HRM 100 manifold takes less than half that time. During the course of a year, a typical medium-size contractor will waste over 65 hours of time ? more than a week and a half of productive labor ? going with the ?fast and cheap method.? It?s one of those cases where what looks like a savings, actually ends up costing you.

We also realized that we were up against a lot of popular opinion that a pre-built manifold can?t be a tough manifold. The HRM 100 proves how totally untrue and outdated that notion is: this is a manifold that finally delivers on the promises of being the world?s fastest, greenest and toughest. And, best of all, it provides the perfect platform for lightening-fast Hydro-Rain valves with Blu-Lock adapters, allowing you to seamlessly connect it with Blu-Lock headers and lateral lines in record-setting times.

Features & Benefits

  • O-Ring Shape and Volume?Allows more torque and compression to satisfy a wider variety of angles.
  • Over 4X the size of the leading competitor.
  • Sealing Surface?Has twice the surface area at critical connections between fittings and manifold.
  • Buttress Threads?Provide exceptionally high axial thrust so you can crank them hard and they have extremely low friction properties so that you can hand tighten the fittings fast and effortlessly.
  • High Deflection Temperature?Withstands pressure of 350 PSI and ambient temperature of 120?F.
  • Patent Pending Swivel?Eliminates the need for primer and glue, and serves as the tool for threading the adapter into the valve.
  • True 1" I.D. and Ultra Smooth Core?Maximizes flow and minimizes friction loss.
  • Three-Year Warranty?Hydro-Rain ensures full quality performance for the warranty period or we?ll replace it.

Built for Speed Advantages

  • No Cutting, Priming, Gluing or Waiting?Standardized and ready to go when you are.
  • No Guesswork and No Rework?Takes the estimation out of the installation process and eliminates wasteful, costly mistakes.
  • Fewer Callback and Faster Service?Built to high industry specifications so you can be sure you?re getting watertight seals the first time and every time?which means fewer callbacks and faster service?it?s never been easier.

Built for Green Advantages

  • No Primers or Glues?All connections are buttress thread swivel and Mipt, eliminating the need for any toxic chemicals.
  • Blu-Lock Compatibility?Factory-installed Blu-Lock adapters allow you to go straight out of valves to headers and laterals with environmentally-friendly Blu-Lock pipe.
  • Drip Zone Compatibility?The HRM 100 can handle up to four HRZ 100 drip control zones in a standard rectangular valve box, minimizing material waste.


  • Max Working Pressure: 200~250 PSI (at 73F)
  • Burst Pressure:Exceeds 350 PSI (at 73F)
  • Dimensions: HRM-100-3P-BD: Length 10" x Width 2.5" HRM-100-2P-BD: Length 6.25" x Width 2.5" HRM-100-2P-BD: Length 3" x Width 2.5"

Manuals and Literature

More Information
Brand Hydro-Rain
Warranty 3 Years
Size 1 in.
Connection MBT
Type Manifold Tee
Manual (5.98 MB)