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The DIY Sprinkler Store

Hydro-Rain Side Strip Nozzle 4 ft x 30 ft | HRN-100-15-SST

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Hydro-Rain HRN-100-15-SST HRN 100 4 x 30 ft Center Strip Spray Nozzle w/ Filter Screen

With Hydro-Rain's HRN 100 fixed-arc nozzles, you can simplify your work without sacrificing quality or functionality. How? For starters, each distance is indicated by nozzle pattern- so you won?t waste your time digging in your truck to find the right one. All HRN 100s have pattern identifiers on top to indicate their particular spray radius.

Features & Benefits

  • Knurled Nozzle Top Edging - Ensures positive installation.
  • Pattern-Identified Tops - Eliminates all guesswork by specifically identifying nozzle spray pattern.
  • Three-piece Design - Nozzle stop stays flush to wiper seal across full range of arc adjustment, minimizing susceptibility to damage from lawn equipment and traffic.
  • Stainless Steel Adjustment?Slotted screw provides precise radius adjustment.
  • Blue Filter Screen - .02 x .02 filter screen included standard.
  • Compatibility - Fits Hydro-Rain, Rain Bird, and Hunter.

Built For Speed Advantages

  • Fastest to Find - Tops are pattern-identified according to spray radius, making identification a snap. Nozzles and filters come in separate, re-sealable bags for complete organization.
  • Fastest to Install - Coin-edging around top of nozzle gives excellent grip-ability no matter the conditions.
  • Fastest to Fine Tune - Exclusive adjustment slot allows use of a screwdriver to fine tune distance adjustment during operation, without intruding into the spray pattern.

Operating Range

  • Optimal Pressure Range: 15~30 PSI (70 PSI maximum)
  • Filtration: .02 X .02 Mesh

Operating Specifications

  • Pressure Range: 15 to 70 PSI (1 to 4,8 Bar)
  • Recommended Pressure: 30 PSI (2,1 Bar)
  • Flow Rate: .45 to 3.7 GPM (0,02 to (0,23)

Built For Green Advantages

  • Lower Precipitation Rate - Matched precipitation, combined with outstanding distribution uniformity and lower precipitation rate than competition, generates improved efficiency.
  • Arc Edge Technology - Three-piece design provides best-in-class right and left arc edges, optimizing distribution uniformity.
  • Oversized Filter - Large .02 x .02 blue mesh filter reduces maintenance and ensures precipitation rate remains at optimal levels longer.

Manuals and Literature

More Information
Brand Hydro-Rain
Type Fixed Nozzle
Max PSI 70 PSI
Operating PSI 15 - 70 PSI
Warranty 3 Years
Spray Pattern Side Strip
Connection Female
Spray Radius 4 x 30 ft