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Irritrol Accessory Pack (Skip-a-Day) | R208701

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Irritrol Accessory Pack (Skip-a-Day)

Fits the Following Controller Models:

  • 304PR
  • 306PR
  • 304PRI
  • 306PRI

Set The Watering Days Schdule

The 6-day spoke wheel is for watering by day interval.

  • Watering by day interval: Using the 6-spoke wheel, put skip-a-day pins in the spokes for the days you do not want to water.
    • Example: To water every other day, put a pin in every other spoke.
  • After inserting the pins, turn the skip-a-day wheel clockwise until the spoke representing today sits on the grey colored day set button. A pin covering the day set button will prevent watering. lf the tripper gear has moved past the skip-a-day wheel put the spoke for tomorrow’s watering on the day set button.

Irritrol Accessory Pack (Skip-A-Day) R208701

Two skip-a-day wheels ( 5 ) are included. The 6-day spoke wheel is for watering by day interval.
More Information
Brand Irritrol
Warranty 5 Years
Type Accessory Pack
Controller Compatibility Irritrol Controller
Manual (132.50 kB)