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King Innovation Saddle Tee (3/4 in. Saddle x FPT ) | BS6000

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King Innovation Saddle Tee 3/4 in. Saddle x FPT

  • For 3/4" Poly Pipe
  • 3/4" FPT Outlet
  • Self-Tapping
  • Not rated for HDPE/SIDR

Blazing Saddle®

The Leader in Self-Tapping Fittings.

"Save time and fittings with the leader in Self-Tapping Fittings."

-- Landscape Contractor Magazine (Product Focus, May 2002).

  • 10 SECONDS to tap polyethylene or PVC pipe
  • EASIEST way to install a sprinkler head
  • SHAVE HOURS off your installation

Proven, Time-Tested and Guaranteed

Shave hours off lawn-sprinkler installations with the Blazing Saddle. With the Blazing Saddle, it takes just 10 seconds to tap polyethylene or PVC pipe - without any tools or cumbersome fasteners. Just clamp the saddle onto the pipe and screw in the spike. That's it.

No Clamping, Coring, or Cutting Required

The Blazing Saddle cuts out clamping, coring, and cutting - and it saves digging. Reduce the costs of labor, training, tools, glue and primer - as well as costly forgotten coring or drilling problems. There's no easier or more efficient way to tap pipe to install a sprinkler head. You can forget all the cumbersome aspects of traditional saddles or insert fittings and get the job done faster.

Optimal Sprinkler Head Flow

The Blazing Saddle's unique design delivers optimal flow to each sprinkler head. The tap delivers more than 7 gallons per minute at 40 PSI. And there's no problem with flow restriction: On 1 in. polyethylene pipe, there's less headloss than with a standard insert fitting, on PVC pipe, the Blazing Saddle's contribution to headloss is equivalent to only 3 feet of plain pipe!


Self-Tapping Means Self-Sealing

Why does the Blazing Saddle seal so well? Unlike other saddles that cut a hole in the pipe, the Blazing Saddle stretches a hole around the spike. On polyethylene pipe, the pipe itself seals against the spike, sealing on the inside. This means that the higher the water pressure, the tighter the seal gets - and even if the saddle shifts in the ground it continues to seal. The Blazing Saddle will not slip off for any reason and will hold a seal in the worst conditions. On PVC pipe, the spike also stretches through the pipe. Here, the saddle presses a custom-formed grommet against the top of the pipe. Consider the time-savings involved in eliminating dozens of priming-gluing-coring repetitions.

Swing Pipe Barb Models Available

Now you can easily connect the sprinkler head to the pipe using the Swing Pipe Barb model Blazing Saddle Tee. The Swing Pipe Barb model Blazing Saddle Tee comes with a barb outlet. The funny pipe should be pushed over the bard of the saddle tee. As the funny pipe is pushed onto the barb it should be twisted or screwed onto the barb. The barb has a spiral barb to allow the funny pipe to be screwed onto the barb. Funny pipe or swing pipe can then be used to connect a sprinkler head or End-of-Line Drain Valve to the pipe.

Professional Quality Results

The Blazing Saddle allows the professional installer or repair specialist to save on labor-hours and get to the next job faster - and not worry about product performance. The Blazing Saddle has been tested to 1,060,000 on/off cycles at 60 PSI without a leak - equivalent to running a sprinkler system for over 100 years.

  • Durable high-impact ABS construction withstands freezing
  • Withstands over 400 PSI on polyethylene and 1000 PSI on PVC without a lea.k.
  • Permanent installation - cannot slip.

Please see installation instructions and product specifications for polyethylene and PVC pipe

More Information
Brand Blazing Products
Color Yellow
Max Working Pressure 80 PSI PSI for #80 PSI Pipe; 100 PSI for #100 Pipe; 160 PSI for #160 Pipe
Burst Pressure 450+ PSI
Working Pressure 40 - 60 PSI
Warranty 1 Year
Size 3/4 in.
Connection Saddle x FPT
Material ABS Plastic Plastic
Type Saddle Tee