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KJK Clock Enclosure Locking Brackets and Tool | KJC-02

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Clock Enclosure Locking Brackets & Tool

  • Includes two packs
  • Screws included
  • Allows for Padlock

Features & Benefits

A consistent battle in the landscape maintenance industry for many years is due to the commonality and the availability of keys for all of the outdoor controllers. While more times than not, the tampering of a controller is done by a well-meaning home owner or tenant, the fault lands firmly on the head of the contractor.

When you add the increasing prevalence of theft and sabotage, the liability and costs incurred by contractors on an annual basis is exorbitant and a damaged reputation can compound those losses into the future.

KLOK-IT is a simple inexpensive solution limiting access to outdoor controllers to the professional. A simple stainless bracket that is able to repair damaged or broken lock tabs without having to replace the enclosure. The bracket is extended through the door allowing for a secondary lock providing the ultimate in protection from anything but total destruction of the controller its self.

With installation taking less than 10 minutes, and a multiple use installation tool, KLOK-IT is able to solve a plethora of issues faced by the landscaping industry cheaply, efficiently, and permanently. The sleek installation maintains the professional appearance of a well maintained subdivision or multifamily complex.

Being made of stainless steel, and having no moving parts, the KLOK-IT will outlast any plastic controller enclosure. KLOK-IT has a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Product Details

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Adds Extra Security
  • Easy to Install
  • Allows for a Padlock
  • Fits Most Cloks with a Cam Lock
  • Eliminates Extra Programming Service Calls
  • Adjustable
  • Life Expectancy is 20 + Years
  • Minor box retro fitting is needed
  • Allows for Padlock
  • Screws included
  • Rust Proof
More Information
Brand KJK Ketterling Enterprises
Warranty 1 Year
Brochure (147.13 kB)