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KJK Kap-It Riser 1-1/2 in. Head and Nozzle Extender | KAP-02

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Kap-It Riser 1-1/2 in. Head & Nozzle Extender

  • Kap-It Riser Head & Nozzle Extender
  • 2 Pack (each pack includes 2 cap extender and 2 stem extender)
  • Height Extension: 1.5 inches

Features & Benefits

Need to raise a sprinkler head? Don't dig it, KAP-IT! Kap-It is designed for the homeowner and professional alike. Kap-It allows anyone to raise a sprinkler head from the top instead of from the bottom! By extending the stem of a standard riser, you have raised the height.

The new snap on top protects the stem extension, while leaving all of manufacturers original parts completely intact. Kap-It keeps the rocks and debris normally introduced into the head when a sprinkler is unscrewed below ground. The snap on top is designed to still allow regular access to the inside of the head itself, by maintaining the ability to unscrew the top of the canister with the Kap-It , even when more than one is stacked.

When a sprinkler is not above the grass blade height, even the most advanced water saving nozzles distribute water inefficiently. Blockage of the water stream causes increased water waste and run off.

As a standard cure to extend the life of risers that are too low, home owners start lowering the deck height of their mowers. This increases soil temperatures, which increases evaporation, and requires extend water times. By making it fast and easy for anyone to raise their sprinkler heads, water stays efficient and distribution is maximized.

Life expectancy of Kap-It is equal to the head it is being attached to. Kap-It is made to take a beating because there is no change to the original head structure or mechanics thus a minimal possibility of failure. Kap-It has a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Product Details

  • Saves labor; Saves Time
  • Raise It from the top
  • Eliminates dirt in your lines
  • Fits most common pop-ups
  • Able to still unscrew the original canister
  • Stack-able
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

How to Install:

  1. Unscrew the nozzle and add the stem extender
  2. Slide the cap extender over the stem
  3. Snap it down onto the existing cap
  4. Replace the nozzle and align

You can add more than one and use it to unscrew the canister cap.

More Information
Brand KJK
Warranty 1 Year
Brochure (198.15 kB)