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KJK Kut-It Replaceable Teeth | KUT-01T

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Replacement Teeth for Kut-it Tool

  • Replacement teeth only
  • Sturdy construction
  • Make your Kut-it tool work like brand new

Features & Benefits

This item is the replacement teeth for the Kut-it tool.

The Kut-it is a timesaving tool for homeowners and contractors alike.  The 2-in-1 Kut-it tool makes removing sod from around sprinkler heads a snap. 

The Kut-it tool helps you remove sprinkler heads without a shovel or spade.  The sturdy teeth cut through grass and even tough soils with ease, creating an even gap around the head.  The built-in depth gauge prevents digging to deep and hitting the piping underneath. The Kut-it makes a clean hole, leaving the lawn where you worked looking pristine.

The Kut-it is made to be used by hand.  But with the driver attachment (included) you can power through even the toughest soils using a socket wrench with a ¾” socket or a drill with a socket driver. 

Turn the tool over and use it as a head wrench.  The head wrench portion of the tool fits most rotors and makes removing them quick and easy.

The Kut-it tool helps you to perform routine maintenance on sprinkler heads, including trimming back grass that has covered the spray heads or removing dirt and debris that has built up over the head. This tool is useful to both the homeowner and professional.

The Kut-it tool is sturdy and built to last.  The blades are replaceable so when they’re worn you don’t have to repurchase the entire tool.

The Kut-it fits in your tool box, so you can always have it when you need it.

Product Details

  • Saves time
  • Small and compact
  • Removes most rotors
  • Use by hand, wrench or drill
  • Replacement blades
  • Cleans around sprinklers for efficient watering

How does Kut-it improve efficiency? 

Kut-it removes the grass blades and soil around the sprinkler, so you no longer have water stream impairment which is responsible for dry brown spots in the grass. Getting the water stream from the sprinkler above the grass increases distribution uniformity (even coverage of water, like natural rainfall) and increases the throw distance of the sprinkler which equates to more efficient use of water and lower run times. Additionally, the Kut-it tool can be used in conjunction with the Kap-it for spray heads or Klift-it for rotor heads to further increase water efficiency.

How do I use Kut-it? 

Simply place the Kut-it tool over the existing sprinkler head and hand turn counter-clockwise until the tool hits the top of the head. Pull up and remove the turf cup divot. This operation can also be performed with a drill/driver gun or ratchet to make the turf removal effortless. If you wish to remove the cap to replace the internals of the sprinkler, simply flip the tool over and place the tool over the top of the sprinkler (any rotor or any spray) and turn counterclockwise and the tool will unthread the cap.

More Information
Brand KJK Ketterling Enterprises
Warranty 1 Year
Kut-it Brochure (366.16 kB)