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Munro Socket Weld PVC Foot Valve 2 in. Slip | FV200S

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Munro Socket Weld PVC Foot Valve 2 in.

  • Size: 2 in.
  • Design: Spring Loaded
  • Adjustable Pressure: 0 - 150 PSI

Features & Benefits

Munro foot valves are made of high-quality PVC and offer full port accessibility - no obstructions in the flow path. Stainless steel metal parts in the foot valve spring provide long-lasting user life.

Ideal for quick pump-priming, Munro foot valves offer rapid closure to prevent the backflow of water. While cast-iron foot valves can rust, introducing contaminants, our high-quality, non-corrosive PVC foot valve includes stainless steel internal parts for long life and low maintenance.

What is a foot valve?

A foot valve is a check valve used on the bottom of the suction pipe to retain the water in the pump when it is not in operation.

  • All valves pressure and leak tested
  • 0-150 P.S.I.
  • Heavy-duty injection molding grey PVC material
  • EPDM gasket
  • Vertical and horizontal mount
Size (in.) Design Approx. Weight (lbs) Connection Style Working PSI Set-Up Sku
4 Flapper 6 1/2 Threaded 150 Vertical Only FV400T
3 Spring Loaded 3 1/2 Threaded 150 Multi-Positional  FV300T
2 Flapper 2 Threaded 150 Multi-Positional FV200T
2 Spring Loaded 2 Socket Weld 150 Multi-Positional FV200S
1 1/2 Spring Loaded 1 Threaded 150 Multi-Positional FV150T
More Information
Brand Munro
Connection Slip
Adjustable Pressure 0 - 150 PSI
Type Pump Foot Valves
Warranty 1 Year or 1000 Hours of Operation
Size 2 in.
Brochure (111.05 kB)