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Netafim Air Vent 3/4 in. | AV-COMBO-075

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Netafim AV-Combo-075 Mini Combination Air Vent

Air vents are used to control the air in irrigation systems for proper watering an accurate measurement for flow and water meters.

Controlling the air in irrigation systems controls the water flow and the most efficient way to control air is by the proper use of air vents. Both the presence of air and absence of air can cause problems and damage to irrigation systems. Netafim provides air vents to discharge and admit air as required.Trapped air in pipes impedes water flow and can lower watering uniformity. It can also cause water hammer and damage to pipes and fittings. Air in pipes also produces inaccurate readings for water and flow meters. For reliable and accurate water measurement, flow meters require pipes to be full of water. The absence of air in pipes can trigger contaminates such as mud and dirt to be drawn into the piping system.

Features & Benefits

  • Install before water meters or metering valves to ensure there is no air in the line for accurate flow readings
  • Performs both functions as an Air/Vacuum Relief Vent and Automatic Air Release Vent
  • Admits and discharges large volumes of air when needed, and releases small volumes of air continuously when the lines are pressurized
  • Also known as Double Acting Air Vents
  • For discharge of large volumes of air, along mains and at the end of mainlines
  • Place before water meters and automatic metering valves for accurate flow readings
  • At high points in pipe network or upstream of manifolds
  • Continuous Acting
  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi
  • Sizes: 3/4" in. MPT (2.4" in. W x 4.5" in. H)
More Information
Brand Netafim
Type Air Vent
Warranty 1 Year
Size 1/2 in., 3/4 in.
Brochure (323.30 kB)