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25" Water-Well with Drip System (3 X 5 GPH Emitters) | HW-2510

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PRAXXIS Water Ring For Trees And Shrubs

  • Dimensions: 25” OD X 22” ID X 6” H
  • Water Capacity: 5 gallons
  • Max System Pressure: 50 PSI

Features & Benefits

Water is our single most valuable resource on this planet. Landscape irrigation accounts for  50%-60% of total residential water usage. It is well known that a significant amount of that water never makes it to our plants and trees rather it runs down slopes, driveways, sidewalks, and roadways. Using our patented water delivery system helps prevent water waste and promotes healthy growth in plantings.

Slow and controlled water absorption promotes healthy development and accelerated growth of new and existing plantings. Acts as a barrier to prevent intrusion from grass, weeds, or ground cover keeping the area around the tree or shrub clear of invasive growth.

Product Details

  • 5 GPH, SELF-REGULATING, DRIP EMITTERS - Water delivery points
  • RIGID TEETH CUT INTO SOIL Holds ring firmly in place
  • 17MM BARBED INSERT ELBOW Water supply fitting
  • Quick Installation: 2-piece design snaps together in seconds. Easy retrofit to existing plantings.
  • Effectively reduces water consumption and prevents erosion.
  • Natural-looking earth tone finish blends seamlessly into existing landscapes.
  • Strong and durable commercial-grade design with rigid teeth for direct burial that anchors firmly in the ground.
  • Reduce water usage up to 50% by eliminating wasteful runoff and surface evaporation
  • Subterranean well channels water deep into the root ball, preventing slope and soil erosion.
  • Made with recycled plastics qualifying for points on LEED projects.
  • Compatible with all other manufacturers’ drip irrigation systems.
  • Easy 2-piece field assembly retrofits in minutes to existing landscapes.
  • Factory assembled drip tubing and 5 GPH pressure compensating emitters included.
  • Fill or cover with mulch, bark, rock, or any other landscape material to blend into the landscape.
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