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Rain Bird RC-Bi 7 Station Indoor Refurbished Controller | RC-7Bi-15

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Rain Bird RC-Bi 7 Station Indoor Controller- RC-7Bi-15

Refurbished, like New!

Sprinkler Warehouse RC Controller renovation includes:

  • New Transformer
  • New Rapid Advanced Motor
  • Replacement of old Gears or Shaft Assemblies
  • Replacement of the old Fuse
  • Clean Face-plate
  • Tested to ensure it is working as close to new as possible

The pictures you see on this page are of the actual individual controller you will receive.

Because these controllers are refurbished, there will be variations in color and wear. To aid you in your selection weve taken pictures of each individual RC controller that we have available.

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It is hard to improve upon perfection! Although technology has taken the world of sprinkler controllers in a digital direction, the Rain Bird RC series of controllers is considered by many to be the best mechanical controller ever made. Whether you have had an RC controller keeping your lawns irrigation in perfect timing for decades and its finally died, or you want to buy an extra one to have on hand "just in case," Sprinkler Warehouse frequently has them in stock.

Rain Bird RC controllers are valued for their precise time keeping, die hard durability, higher amperage output which helps with valves that take a long time to close as well as its compatibility with brass imperial valves.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains 23 pins for scheduling automatic starts on any hour.
  • Automatic rotating dial for water cycles
  • 1.5 AMP for controller protection from current overload.
  • Can be housed in a cabinet suitable for wall mounting.
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Input required: 120 VAC - 10%, 60Hz, International models: 230 VAC - 10%, 50Hz
  • Output: 24 VAC 650 mA
  • Power back-up: 2 x AAA batteries maintain time and date while nonvolatile memory maintains the programming
    • Rain Bird RC-Bi 7 Station Indoor Refurbished Controller
RC-7Bi-15 Description of Controls
  • Hour Dial with 23 Cycle Start Pins: The hour dial contains 23 pins for scheduling automatic "Starts" on any hour (except midnight”which is day changeover time). Embossed characters provide quick identification for each hour, AM or PM, noon and midnight. Captive type pins are designed for simple push-pull operation.
  • Day Dial with 14 Scheduling Pins: The calendar DAY dial contains 14 captive pins for scheduling irrigation everyday or any day within a two week range. Each pin represents a 24 hour period beginning at midnight. Embossed characters are on the dial, adjacent to each day of the week.
  • Station Selector/ Indicator Dial: The STATION selector/indicator dial contains the timing controls (D) for each of the stations. The dial automatically rotates during a watering cycle with the current station appearing at the top, under the station pointer. Rest indicates the system is off and no watering is taking place. The dial is also used for manual selection of any station for semi-automatic operation.
  • Station Time Control Knobs:Individual TIME controls for each station. Timing is adjustable up to 60 minutes to suit all landscape growth requirements. A small white arrow moves with each knob along the timing scale on the Station dial (C) for visual indication of the time setting. The scale is marked-off in 5 minute graduations and the ratchet action of the knob provides for precision adjustment with each "notch" representing one minute increments. The OFF position eliminates the station from the watering schedule. All omitted stations are automatically rapid-advanced to the next timed station.
  • Operational Mode Switch: The 2-position MODE switch provides the operating control for the system, Auto position for automatic irrigation as scheduled and "timed" watering of a manually selected station. The OFF position is used for rainy weather shutdown. This position eliminates controller "output" to the system valves without interrupting the clock operation.
  • Current Station Indicator:Station indicator identifies the current position of controller operation.
  • Current Time Indicator: Time indicator identifies the current time on the controller clock.
  • Current Day Indicator: Day indicator identifies the current day of the watering schedule.
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