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Rain Bird XFD 16 mm Brown Dripline (18 in. Emitter Spacing) (.92 GPH) (100 ft.) | XFD-09-18-100

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Rain Bird XFD 16 mm Brown Dripline

  • Emitter Spacing: 18 in.
  • Flow Rate: 0.92 GPH
  • Length: 100 ft. 

Features & Benefits

  • The most flexible, pressure-compensating inline emitter tubing available to irrigate ground cover, dense plantings, hedgerows, and more.
  • Extra flexible tubing for fast, easy installation
  • Dual-layered tubing (brown over black or purple over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV damage, and algae growth.
  • Patent-pending emitter design provides for increased reliability
  • Longer lateral runs than the competition
  • Unique material offers significantly greater flexibility, allowing tighter turns with fewer elbows for easier installation
  • Choice of flow rates, spacing, and coil lengths provides design flexibility for a variety of non-turfgrass applications
  • Accepts Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings
  • XF Dripline Insert Fittings and 17mm insert fittings
  • Use an Air/Vaccum Relief Valve Kit when installation is below the soil

Product Details

  • Outside diameter : 0.634" (16.1 mm)
  • Inside diameter : 0.536" (13.6 mm)
  • Wall thickness: 0.049" (1.2 mm)
  • Spacing: 12" or 18"
  • Lengths: 100', 250', and 500' coils
  • Use with XF Dripline Insert Fittings (see page 130), Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings and 17mm Insert Fittings

Operating Range

  • Pressure: 8.5 to 60 psi (0.58 to 4.1 bar)
  • Flow rates: 0.6 gph and 0.9 gph (2.3 l/h and 3.5 l/h)
  • Temperature: Water up to 100 F (37.8C); Ambient up to 125 F (51.7C)
  • Required filtration: 120 mesh

A low-profile emitter design results in reduced friction loss, allowing longer maximum lateral runs and more cost-effective system designs. The continuous flushing action of the XFD emitter and the grit tolerant, clog-resistant design ensures that water will keep flowing thus minimizing maintenance and saving you time and money.

Rain Bird
Inner Diameter:
.536 in.
Outer Diameter:
.634 in.
Drip Line
Purpose Or Function:
5 Years
Specifications (308.89 kB)