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RCO Single-Wire Dual-Zone Control | ADD-A-ZONE

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RCO Single-Wire Dual-Zone Control

  • Adds a new zone without the wires
  • Capable of fixing water pressure issues with additional valve
  • Also allows you to go around faulty field wiring
  • Simple to install

Features & Benefits

Introducing Add-A-Zone, the convenient unit that eliminates the need to add wiring when adding a zone. Use it to add additional valves to a system to correct water pressure problems.

Or use it to work around faulty field wiring. Unlike other "switching" units, the Add-A-Zone behaves just like the valves are fully independent. You set the individual run times for 2 zones on the controller just like you regularly would and Add-A-Zone works "behind the scenes" to make it happen. Maximum control and flexibility that installs in minutes.

  • Both valves connected to an Add-A-Zone are independently timed and activated from the controller for both manual and automatic operation
  • The 2 valves can be assigned to separate watering schedules and programs in the controller
  • Permits easy addition of an additional valve to controllers with spare stations without the need to divide out a run time on a single zone or activate the new valve every other watering cycle
  • Makes adding a valve to correct water pressure problems easy
  • Broken wires can be abandoned and worked around without loss of programming flexibility
  • Fast and inexpensive to install
  • The added valve can be a master valve
  • Operates on most 24-Volt sprinkler systems
  • Switching capacity: 0.5 A
  • Life Expectancy: 50,000 operations

Product Details

Installation Instructions

Adapter Part B (Install inside valve box)

  1. Connect Blue wire to one valve.
  2. Connect Brown wire to second valve.
  3. Connect White wires to existing common wires.
  4. Connect Orange (active) wire to existing field wire.
  5. When in operation the Green LED will light up when station 1 is powered and the RED LED will light up when station 2 is powered.

Adapter Part A (Install inside controller cabinet)

  1. Connect Blue wire to existing station output.
  2. Connect Orange (active) wire to existing fi eld wire.
  3. Connect Brown wire to the unused station output.
More Information
Brand RCO
Warranty 60 Days
Type Single-Wire Dual-Zone Control
Brochure (922.55 kB)