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Shake-Away 28 oz. Urine Granule | FOX-GRAN-28

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Shake-Away Fox Urine Granule

Shake Away Fox Urine Granules (Critter Repellent) The Shake-Away Fox Urine Granules (Shake Away's Small Critter Granules) repel rabbits, such as prolific cottontail rabbit. It also repels groundhogs, woodchucks, and other small critters such as gophers, and porcupines. This non-toxic, organic product has fox urine impregnated on its time-released granules. Shake Away uses fear, through a natural predator-prey relationship to keep away these small critters. They give the illusion that a fox has visited your premises, and the little critters do not want to enter the area, for fear of foxes.

It is recommended to apply these granules twice a week for the first two to three weeks. After ongoing maintenance, the rabbits will alter their patterns from the applied areas.

How Shake Away Fox Urine Granules Work Repelling Rabbits

The rabbit never overcomes their fear instinct, as it pertains to the perception of the presence of their primary predators. The best way to understand the concept is to visualize the natural setting of both the rabbit and the fox. A red fox pair establishes a den to raise young and to provide shelter for the group. Fox odors accumulate in this area rather quickly and the prey animals within a radius of it either alter their patterns or are consumed. Cottontail rabbits, with their highly evolved sense of smell, alter their patterns in short order, and keep their distance from that particular area for as long as the fox family maintains that den location.

  • Shake-Away - uses the critter's instinctual fear of predators to keep these critters away
  • Other Products - use foul odor or taste to keep rabbits away.
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28 oz.
Urine Granule