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SW Boring Tool 3/4 in. | SW-BOR-075

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SW-BOR-075 3/4" Boring Kit includes:

  • SW-BOR-075
  • SW-BOR-100
  • 429-007 - 3/4 INCH COUPLER
  • 429-010 - 1 INCH COUPLE

The SW-BOR-075 kit includes all the essential parts you will need to make a powerful excavating tool to bore under a path or driveway. Simply attach a jet nozzle to one end of a piece of PVC pipe and a garden hose to the other end with the components from this kit. The force of the water will create a hole that the pipe can be pushed through to the other side. Large or small areas can be excavated by adjusting the length of pvc pipe. The kit can be reused again and again. The most efficient and cost effective way to excavate under an obstacle! The SW-BOR-075 includes a:

  • Brass 2 inch sweeper nozzle (1 qty)
  • PVC male hose end adapter fitting (2 qty)
  • Brass 3/4 inch female hose to 3/4 inch female pipe swivel (1 qty)
  • Brass 3/4" male hose to 3/4" female pipe(1 qty) *Garden hose and PVC pipe not included

First dig your trenches on either side of the walk to the depth of the rest of your sprinkler system (usually about 6-12 inches minimum). Now using a PVC pipe cutter, cut the piece of schedule 40 PVC pipe about two to four feet longer than the width of your sidewalk or driveway. Following the directions on the can of PVC glue (pvc glue is not included) and glue the male adapters on opposite ends of the pvc pipe. Next, attach the brass 3/4" female hose to 3/4" female pipe swivel to one of the pvc male adapters. Then attach the brass 3/4" male hose to 3/4" pipe fitting to the other pvc male adapter on the opposite side. Connect your garden hose to female pipe swivel adapter. Connect the male hose/female pipe adapter to your 2 inch sweeper nozzle. Your boring tool is now assembled and ready to go.

"The force of the water will create a hole in the soil."

Turn on the water. Grab hold of the pipe (fitting the pipe into the trench may intitially require some flexing). Keep the pipe level with the bottom of the trench and jab the boring tool into the soil. The dirt will appear to plug the end of the nozzle, just leave the nozzle in place for 15 to 30 seconds to allow the water to loosen the soil. Pull back the pipe 6 inches to a foot and thrust it into the soil again. Keep repeating this pattern until you have completely bored under your driveway/walkway.

Once the pipe has made it through to the other side you can shut off the water and cut the hose end fittings from both ends of the pipe. Tthe pvc pipe tool now becomes your irrigation pipe. Attach your fittings to the pipe and continue to assemble your irrigation pipe. Some people prefer a variation of this method and use a larger pvc pipe to bore the hole. Once they have bored through to the other side, they push the actual pipe being used into and through the boring pipe to the other side of the path or driveway. The boring tool then acts like a sleeve. Then the larger "boring" pipe also can be used to hold irrigation or lighting wire. This method allows you to bore just one hole for multiple purposes.

More Information
Brand SW
Type Boring Tool
Size 3/4 in.