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Toro TWRS Wireless Rain Sensor

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Toro TWRS Wireless Rain Sensor

No wires. No hassle. Just reliable rain sensing that provides optimum water savings. Toro innovative wireless technology provides easy to use, advanced features for the prompt reaction when it starts to rain. With options for rain or rain/freeze sensing, the TWRS Series can save up to 30% more water than existing disc rain sensors. The patent-pending Water Conservation Mode turns the RainSensor into a smart sensor by allowing the receiver to intelligently extend the controller reset based on settings provided by the user. All sensors can be set for universally Normal-Open or Normally-Closed operation making the TWRS compatible with just about all electronic timers.

Diagram Details One

  • A Setup ButtonAccesses the sensor system operating features.
  • B Adjust ButtonScrolls through and selects settings within the system operating features.
  • C Mast AntennaAdjusts easily for best signal reception.
  • D Digital DisplayHigh-resolution LCD screen provides visual reference for sensor system operating features.
  • E Sensor Status IndicatorsIlluminates when sensor system is active and automatic watering is on hold. Flashes when sensor is active but has been bypassed to enable automatic watering.
  • F Smart BypassTM ButtonMulti-functional use. Pressed to bypass sensor operation, allowing automatic watering to resume. Switches the Water Delay feature on and off.
  • G Water Conservation LEDsIndicate the Water Conservation feature level selected (Minimum, Medium or Maximum).
  • H Hinged CoverOpens downward for receiver control access. Closed position protects receiver when installed outdoors.

Diagram Details Two

  • A Rain Threshold AdjustmentAdjusts the rain sensor to accumulate 1/8" in., 1/4" in., 1/2" in. or 3/4" in. (3mm, 6mm,12mm or 19mm) of rainfall before signaling the receiver to hold watering. (Factory default setting 1/4" in. (6mm).
  • B Sensor Test SpindlePressed to manually activate the sensor for setup and test procedures.
  • C Batteries (not shown)Two 3V lithium batteries, installed at time of manufacture, will provide approximately five years of service under normal use conditions.
  • D AntennaPositioned downward for maximum signal transmission strength.
  • E Pipe-mount AdapterReplaces Quick Clip mounting bracket to enable installation on 1/2" in. (13mm) diameter Schedule 40 PVC pipe.
  • F Quick ClipTM Mounting BracketSimplifies sensor module installation. Adjustable pivot point for easy vertical alignment.
Toro TWRS Wireless Rain Sensor
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Rain Sensor
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