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Underhill Big Gulp Ultra Max Pump 21 in. | A-G1236-C

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Underhill Big Gulp Ultra Max Pump 21 in.

  • Flow: 12 oz. per Stroke
  • Super-Grip Ergonomic Pump Handle
  • Self Priming, High Volume Water Capacity

Features & Benefits

Whether you need to remove water from sprinklers and valve boxes or other areas or devices, UltraMax Series Pumps are the ideal tools for the job.

  • Highest Quality Materials and Attention to Details
  • Self Priming, High Volume Water Capacity
  • Super-Grip Ergonomic Pump Handle
  • Super Smooth & Durable Pumping Action
  •  Replacement Part Kits Available
  • Unique Replacement Plunger Seal and O-Ring Wiper Seal Assemblies for Extra Long Pump Life
  • The ONLY pump that completely disassembles for easy cleaning!

ALL NEW MudGuard

  • Built-in Filter minimizes clogging and makes pumping easier.
  • A must have accessory for dirty water use
  • Easy on and off for cleaning out debris

Product Details

Cleaning and Care Instructions

  1. For a quick cleaning, fill a 5-gallon bucket with clean water. Then siphon and pump the clean water through the Gulp UltraMax Plus hand-pump several times until it pumps clear water.
  2. If the pump is hard to pull-up or stuck, the UltraMax
  3. Plus series is the only hand-pump capable of  complete disassembly particularly at the very top where the aluminum shaft connects into the  upper cap.
  4. For a more thorough cleaning loosen the top and bottom ends of the hand-pump cylinder in a  counter-clockwise manner as shown in three separate places.
  5. Thoroughly wash the inside of the hand pump cylinder, then wash both loosened ends
    confirming that any rocks, gravel or caked mud has been removed. Be sure to unthread the very  top locknut where an “O-ring” is located. This is where fine silts and clays can accumulate  resulting in hard pumping.
  6. Re-assemble the hand-pump by threading both ends back onto the pump cylinder. These
    connections should only be hand-tight. It’s now ready for use.

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12 oz. per Stroke
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