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UPI Sidewalk Sleever Boring Tool 1 in. x 8 ft. | SS-9640

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Sidewalk Sleever SS-9640 8 ft. Sidewalk Sleever for 1 in.

  • Tool Length: 96"
  • Sleeve Length: 93"
  • Installed Sleeve Diameter: 1"
  • Capable of installing: 1"  40 & class irrigation pipe. 1" Electrical Conduit
  • Head Size: 2"

Features & Benefits

No need to bore. Because of the Patented technology, the pipe is installed in one step thus eliminating the need to bore a hole first. With no boring, there are no voids around the installed pipe, eliminating the chance of collapse or sinking of the soil above the pipe. This makes the tool perfect when installing under pavers, riverbeds, or any stabilized material. No water, hoses, nozzles, fittings, or mess. 

How to use the Sidewalk Sleever

Step 1 - Place a piece of pipe next to the Sidewalk Sleever with one end touching the "pipe stop" and mark, with your finger, where the pipe just meets the tapered end. Then cut the pipe at that point. If the pipe is past the tapered end this will allow dirt to enter the pipe during installation.

Step 2 - Take the cut pipe and slide it on the Sidewalk Sleever. It is important that the Sidewalk Sleever is clean. Dirt on the tool will make extracting the tool difficult.

Step 3 - Place the Sidewalk Sleever just under the concrete and tap in a few inches. This will allow the tool to hold itself off the ground making it easier to install and also easier to remove the tool after installation.

Step 4 - While straddling the trench, use a 16-pound sledgehammer to drive the Sidewalk Sleever under the sidewalk. Continue hammering the tool until the tapered end appears at the other end.

Step 5 -Once the tool and pipe are visible at the other end, simply grab the head of the tool and remove it from the installed pipe. If necessary, tap the pointed end of the tool with the hammer to help the Sidewalk Sleever slide out of the pipe.

Step 6 - Although soil conditions and experience can determine the speed of the installation, in the example here, the pipe was installed in under 60 seconds. Once the pipe is installed, you can glue fittings onto the pipe or you can use the installed pipe as a sleeve for wires. If more sleeves are needed, just simply repeat the steps and install as many pipes as needed.

More Information
Brand UPI
Type Sidewalk Sleever Boring Tool
Size 1 in.