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Vu-Flow 100 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen Filter 2 in. | VFNT200-100SSP

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Vu-Flow 100 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen Filter 2 in. 

  • Flow Capacity: 18 - 100 GPM
  • Connection: 2 in. Slip

Features & Benefits

  • 180 degree in-line "T" style installation
  • Increased effective screen area
  • Clear cover allows quick determination of filter element's operating condition
  • Molded PVC filter body allows glue together installation similar to standard PVC fittings
  • Drain outlet for quick one step purge cleaning.

Product Details

Model No. *Min./Max. Flow Inlet/ Outlet P Length L Width W
NT 100 1-25 GPM 1 in. SLIP 11-3/8 in. 5 in.
NT 150 10-50 GPM 1-1/2 in. SLIP 15-3/8 in. 5-1/4 in.
NT 200 18-100 GPM 2 in. SLIP 17-7/8 in. 5-1/2 in.

*Minimum flow needed for Spin-out" action. Reducer Bushings are available for Custom Inlet/Outlet Connection - See Reducer Chart in Price List.


  • Install on suction or discharge side of system. We suggest installing between the pump discharge and the reservoir tank if you are using a tank.
  • Install on the discharge side to allow use of a purge valve for easy one step cleaning.
  • Manifold two or more filters for applications with flow rates higher than 100 GPM.

VuFlow INC. Filter Application

Filter screen mesh based on type of sediment and end use of water.

Sediment In Water Use to Protect Type To Use: Mesh; Micron; Inches
Coarse Sand; Shell  Sprinkler Heads 30 mesh; 533 micron; .021"
Medium Sand/ Grit Pipe scale; Well Cuttings Solenoid Valves Gear Drive Sprinkler Domestic Water 60 mesh; 254 micron; .010" 60 mesh; 254 micron; .010" 100 mesh; 152 micron; .006"
Fine Sand/ Silt Poultry drinkers Household well water Drip irrigation Fogger Sprayer

140 mesh; 104 micron; .004" 140 mesh; 104 micron; .004" 250 mesh; 61 micron; .0024" 250 mesh; 61 micron; .0024"

There are several factors to consider when specifying the VuFlow filter for any application. Mesh selection; flow rate; operating pressure; operating temperature; and chemical contact are some of the most important considerations.

Mesh Selection

Proper mesh selection is the primary consideration which insures the highest performance of the VuFlow filter. Mesh selection is directly relative to filter maintenance requirements. One should choose the coarsest mesh possible for a given application to avoid high filter element maintenance requirements. Mesh should be sized such that the smallest passage or opening in the system is just slightly larger than your mesh opening. This mesh selection method allows non-problematic particulate to pass through the system. See our mesh conversion chart in the VuFlow literature for mesh opening sizes.

Proper mesh selection is also important when considering the type of particulate to be filtered. Well and municipal water sources usually contain dramatically different particulate than above ground water sources. Well and municipal water supplies typically contain heavier than water particulate such as sand. Sand centrifugally separates well in mesh sizes of 24 to 140. Once sand is centrifugally separated it is easily flushed out of the filter through the purge valve. Some periodic manual cleaning of the filter element may be necessary with fine meshes 250 to 1000.

Above ground water sources often contain air borne or biological particulate that do not readily flush out through the purge valve. Therefore; a course mesh selection is particularly important when filtering air borne or lighter than water particulate because the filter element will have to be cleaned manually. One should take special consideration to allow easy access to the filter element for cleaning when filtering above ground water sources. A side stream; a bypass; or a duplex filter installation are good installations that allow easy access to the filter element for screen cleaning without interrupting water flow.

Flow Rate

Flow rate considerations are a balance between pumping efficiencies and centrifugal separating capabilities. Heavier than water particulate like sand centrifugally separates well with the VuFlow filter. Separating ability is at its best when the flow rate is high. Unfortunately a higher flow rate leads to a higher pressure loss. High pressure losses relate to low pumping efficiencies. Each installation is unique and may be able to accommodate various pressure losses.

A good pressure loss for high spin centrifugal separation in the VuFlow filter is between 5 to 10 psi for heavier than water particulate. However; lighter than water air borne or biological particulates do not centrifugally separate. The lower the pressure loss the better with lighter than water particulates. Low pressure losses relate to high pumping efficiencies. Also lighter than water particulate usually require a larger screen surface area.

Select the size of the filter relative to the total gallons per minute verses psi loss; keeping in mind the type of particulate to be filtered. The size of the pipe used in your system may not be the best indicator of the filter size selection. See pressure loss graph in VuFlow product literature.

Operating Pressure and Temperature 

The operating pressure limit for the VuFlow filters is 150 psi at 73?F (23?C). The PVC filter body of the VuFlow filter is similar to other PVC plumbing fittings and pipe. Factors such as pressure surges; high cycles; and high temperature adversely effect operating pressures of all PVC products. reduce the adverse effects of pressure surges and high on-off cycles by following industry accepted design recommendations keeping flow velocities below 5 feet per second. PVC fittings and pipe weaken as the temperature increases. VuFlow recommends that the operating pressures of the PVC filter not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Many PVC fitting and pipe manufactures recommend a pressure rating decrease as temperature increases. The VuFlow filter pressure rating also decreases similar to PVC fittings.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How Do I Select The Proper Filter Size?

  • A. Select filter size based on flow rate. 1 in. - 1-25 GPM 1-1/2 in. - 10-50 GPM 2 in. - 18-100 GPM The size of the pipe used in your system may not be the best indicator.
  • Note: Spin out separation is best at highest flow rates. Pressure loss is best at lower flow rates.

Q. What is the best unit for well water to my irrigation system and into my home?

  • A. The best choice is a 1-½ in. filter with 100 mesh. (Check that your GPM does not exceed 50 GPM) Part # NT 1-SO 100 P

Q. What if there are chemicals in the water?

  • A. Our filters are recommended for use with water only. We have chemical compatibility information available. We also offer a high performance clear cover that is chemically resistant.
More Information
Brand Vu-Flow
Max Temperature (°F) 75
Flow Capacity 18 - 100 GPM
Max PSI 150
Inlet Connection 2 in. Slip
Outlet Connection 2 in. Slip
Warranty 1 Year