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Weathermatic B-Series Quarter Circle Brass Nozzle 18 ft | B24-Q

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Weathermatic B-Series Quarter Circle Brass Nozzle 18 ft

  • Spray Radius: 18 ft
  • Max PSI: 30 PSI
  • Connection: Female

Features & Benefits

  • Premier Brass Nozzles B Series (Formerly 5500 Series)
  • Milled brass design provides best available uniform precipitation for water, material and labor savings in a professional design. Arcs and angles for any landscape requirement.
  • Reinforced border spraying combines with an extremely flat slope of distribution to eliminate the requirement for head-to-head coverage. B Series nozzles provide a minimum of .25" per hour precipitation at one foot from listed radius.
  • These precision brass nozzles are easily discernable; even from a distance; by their unique and attractive water pattern.
  • Mill cut part circle nozzles dramatically enhance performance offering two separate layers of water at different velocities; providing the ultimate in pattern uniformity and water conservation.
  • Optimal operational pressure is rated at 20 psi; (1.4 bar); substantially lower than other designs that require over pressurization to improve pattern performance.
  • Small uniform water droplets generated by the nozzle fall closer to the sprinkler providing an exceptionally consistent pattern and eliminate the need for conventional "head to head" spacing.
  • Industry standard threads allow these extended performance nozzles to be installed on most competitive manufactures of spray heads providing a quick and easy upgrade to existing systems.
  • Large inlet porting on B20 - B24 nozzles allows more debris to pass through it offering superior contamination resistance in dirty water or reclaimed applications.
  • Single port brass nozzles can be easily cleaned with out risk of permanent damage and in many cases with out removing the nozzle from the head.
  • These nozzles provide the widest selection of any other matched precipitation family on the market today. 80 nozzles are available; offering seamless spacing transitions from 3 ft to 20 foot and flows ranging from 0.3 GPM to 7.5 GPM
  • B Series nozzles fi t LX sprayheads, LXS, 72 and 73 shrub adapters, as well as all industry standard male thread risers
  • B3 nozzles are compatible with most micro-irrigation application rates
  • Many designers derate recommended spacing for climate and wind. Listed radius is determined by ASAE industry standard measurement of .01" per hour.
  • Precipitation: 1.2" per hour (25 mm per hour) for full circle / 20 psi (1,4 bar) at maximum triangular spacing
  • B Series is identical to former 5500 Series. This is a name change for easier identification. Example: B15H = 5515-18
Fixed Nozzle
Max PSI:
30 PSI
Operating PSI:
20 - 30 PSI
5 Years
Spray Pattern:
Quarter Circle
Spray Radius:
18 ft