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Weathermatic PL4800 and SL4800 Controller Expansion Module | SLM12-4800

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Weathermatic PL4800 and SL4800 Controller Expansion Module

  • Type: Expansion Module
  • Station Expansion: 12
  • Controller Compatibility: Weathermatic SL4800 Controller

Product Details

SLM12 Module Installation

  1. Your PL4800 controller is factory equipped with one SLM12- 4800 12-zone module. You may add three additional SLM12- 4800 modules for a total of 48 zones. Important: Do not skip any module slot. Insert all modules in numerical order as shown in the illustration.

  2. Upon firmly closing the control panel, the PL4800 controller will automatically recognize the additional zones as they are installed. No special programming or resetting is required to initialize the modules.
  3. You can insert or remove a module without removing power from the controller
  4. To install a module, push the module into the slots until you feel it lock in place. To remove a module, push DOWN on the release tabs at the back of the module and use the top tab at the front of the module to pull it out.


More Information
Brand Weathermatic
Warranty 2 Years
Type Expansion Module
Controller Compatibility Weathermatic SL4800 Controller
Station Expansion 12