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Weathermatic SLM12 12 Zone Expansion Module for PL1600 and SL1600 Timer | SLM12-1600

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Weathermatic SLM12 12 Zone Expansion Module for PL1600 and SL1600 Timer 

  • Module ONLY 
  • Zones: 12
  • Compatible with the PL1600 and SL1600 Controllers

Features & Benefits

  • Fault review displays all faults, including open and shorted zones
  • On-board multi-meter displays transformer voltage; milliamp measurement for each zone
  • Built-in valve locator chatters the solenoids (U.S. Patent No. 7,406,363)
  • Review menu displays ET deficits by zone , and corresponding zone run times
  • Review menu displays maximum run time and minimum soak times
  • Review menu displays temperature readings (daily high/low) for previous 5 days
  • Review menu accumulates total run times by zone
  • Programmable rain delay of 1 - 7 days
  • SLW Weather Station extended rain delay programmable from 0 - 99 hours
  • Run/Soak cycles allow setting of maximum run time and minimum soak time by program for use in Standard mode only
  • Programmable zone-to-zone delay 1 min. - 3 hrs.
  • Programmable master valve timing sequence with "On Delay" (1 sec. - 1 min.; 2 sec. default) and "Off Delay" (1 sec. - 3 min.; 5 sec. default) to allow for line fill and slow-closing valves
  • Master valve/pump start operation assignable On/Off by zone
  • Clear program function to selectively delete an individual program
  • Clear all function to delete all programs
  • Backtrack stored program feature allows contractor to easily store a default program and retrieve the saved program in the event a customer improperly reprograms the SL4800

Auto Adjust Features

  • ZIP Code input (5 digit) or Latitude input (+/-60 degrees from EQUATOR) establish location of site for solar radiation calculation
  • Sprinkler type input allows selection for zone sprinkler type (SPRAY, ROTOR, DRIP, BUBBLER) with preset precipitation rate or specific input of the zone precipitation rate (.2 - 3.0" per hour)
  • Plant type input allows selection for zone plant type (COOL TURF, WARM TURF, SHRUBS, ANNUALS, TREES, NATIVE) with preset crop factors or specific input of the zone crop factor (10 - 300%)

Product Details

  • Input: 120 VAC/60 Hz @ 400 mA for 5 valves
  • Output: 28 VAC, 1.2A maximum
  • Fuse: 1.5A, slow blow
  • Dimensions: 15 in. W x 16-1/2 in. H x 5-7/16 in. D (38.1 cm x 41.9 cm x 13.8 cm)

SLM Module Installation Guide

  1. Additional SLM4 modules may be added to expand capacity to 16 zones or SLM12-1600 to
    expand capacity to 24 zones. The SL1620 has 20 fixed zones. The SLM4 and SLM12- 1600 module is useable only on the SL1600.
  2. The SL1600 controller will automatically recognize the additional zones as they are installed. No special programming or resetting is required to initialize the modules.
  3. You can insert or remove a module without removing power from the controller
  4. To install a module, push the module into the channels until you feel it lock in place. To remove a module, push DOWN on the center release panel on the top of the module and use the top tab to pull it out.

Note: Modules must be inserted in the sequence of numbered zones. Do not leave any gaps in module positions.

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Warranty 2 Years