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Weld-All 7130 Hot Blue PVC Cement 16 oz | 7130-020

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Weld-All 7130 Hot Blue PVC Cement 16 oz


Weld-All™ 7130 for PVC™ is a hot blue, medium bodied, high strength, fast setting PVC solvent cement for all classes and schedule. This cement is manufactured
in the U.S.

Features & Benefits

  • Color: Blue
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Set Time: Fast
  • This cement may be used on pipes and fittings with interference fit up
    to 6”
More Information
Brand Weld-On
Type Blue Medium PVC Cement
Warranty 3 Years
Size 16 oz
Color Hot Blue
Liquid Measurements 16 oz.
Body Type Medium Bodied
Cement Type Specialty - Wet Conditions
Relative Set Time FAST
Max PVC Pipe Size 6" PVC
Max Sch 80 PVC Pipe Size 6" Sch 80
Types of Pipe All Rigid PVC