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Weld-On 795 Flex Clear PVC Cement 16 oz | 795-020

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Weld-On 795 Flex Clear PVC Cement 16 oz


Medium bodied, fast setting, low VOC PVC solvent cement for use on flex/flex and flex/rigid PVC with interference fit through 6″ (160 mm) diameter, Schedule 80 through 3″ (90 mm) diameter. Premium cement specially formulated for use on flexible and/or rigid PVC. It forms flexible, high-strength, water-resistant joints.

Features & Benefits

  • WELD-ON 795 is specially formulated to contain an elastomer which provides great joint flexibility.
  • Cures rapidly with the dissipation of the solvent at room temperature, resulting in a very strong, flexible, water resistant bond.
  • WELD-ON 795 is widely used in all aspects of the pool & spa industry including, but not limited to, pump, pipe, fittings and valves connections as well as for bonding
    PVC hose to rigid PVC fittings.
  • 3 years life shelf in tightly sealed containers. 
More Information
Brand Weld-On
Liquid Measurements 16 oz.
Body Type Medium Bodied
Cement Type Specialty - Flex PVC
Relative Set Time FAST
Max PVC Pipe Size 6" PVC
Max Sch 80 PVC Pipe Size 3" Sch 80
Types of Pipe All Rigid / Flexible PVC
Type Clear PVC Cement
Use For Flex/flex and flex/rigid PVC thru 6", Sch. 80 thru 3"
Warranty 3 Years
Size 16 oz
Color Clear