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Antelco Grey 39 GPH Rotor Spray 10/32 | A20045

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Antelco Grey 39 GPH Rotor Spray

  • Color: Grey
  • Flow Rate: 39 GPH
  • Size: 10/32

Features & Benefits

Durable and reliable with excellent distribution uniformity. Vari-Rotor Spray™ can be adjusted to alter flow and coverage.

  • 'C' Frame design for strength and high distribution uniformity
  • Full flow flipper suspended between two bearings for reliable performance
  • 10-32 thread for installing into Rigid Risers, tubing & 1/2" threaded adapters
  • UV stabilized materials for long life


Landscape areas, home gardens, nurseries, and horticultural applications. Inverted Rotor Spray™ ideal for overhead greenhouse and nursery watering.

Product Details

  • Brand: Antelco
  • Operating PSI: 15 - 30 PSI
  • Size: 10/32
  • Flow Rate: 39 GPH
  • Color: Grey
  • Type: Rotor Spray
  1. Finish grade or top of the mulch
  2. Plant material (shrub or ground cover)
  3. Clean soil, amended/native free of rock and debris
  4. Vari-rotor sprays 10-32 unf thread. Mount of PVC riser
  5. Adapter 1/2" FNPT x 10-32 thread
  6. Lateral line pipe
  7. Tee/Elbow, PVC SCH40, size as required
  8. PVC SCH 80 Riser, threads both ends, length as needed.

Note: Set zone pressure to 30 PSI. adjust rotor spray diameter as needed

More Information
Brand Antelco
Operating PSI 15 - 30 PSI
Warranty 10 Years
Size 10/32
Flow Rate 39 GPH
Color Grey
Type Rotor Spray
Brochure (3.22 MB)