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Armada Tech Automatic Multimeter | PRO-90

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Armada Tech Automatic Multimeter

  • Voltage: 1.3 - 600 VAC or 600 VDC
  • Type: Automatic Multimeter

Features & Benefits

The Pro93 True RMS AC Leakage Clamp Multimeter is perfect for 2-Wire troubleshooting. The Pro93 measures AC amp current leakage to a resolution of 10 micro-amps simply by using the integrated clamp over the cable in question. In addition, VAC, VDC, Ohms, and HZ measurements are available. All utilize a built-in auto-ranging function for easy use. The Pro93 makes diagnosing cable faults in 2-Wire systems simple and easy to perform.

Product Details

To ensure safe operation and service of the Tester, follow these instructions. Failure to observe warnings can result in severe injury or death.

  • Avoid working alone so assistance can be rendered.
  • Do not use test leads or the Tester if they look damaged.
  • Do not use the Tester if the Tester is not operating properly or if it is wet.
  • Use the Tester only as specified in the Instruction card or the protection by the Tester might be impaired.
  • Use extreme caution when working around bare conductors or bus bars.
  • Contact with the conductor could result in electric shock.
  • Do not use the Tester to measure voltages in circuits that could be damaged by the Tester’s low input impedance (approximate 4KΩ)
  • Use caution with voltages above 30 V ac RMS, or 60 V dc. These voltages pose a shock hazard.
  • LCD display digits: 9999 digit large scale LCD readout.
  • Measuring rate : 5 times / sec.
  • Overrange display: “OL” is displayed for the “Ω” function, shows the real value for “A” and “V” functions.
  • Automatic power-off time: Approximately 20 minutes after power on without operations.
  • Low battery indicator: +  is displayed. Replace the battery when the indicator + appears in the display.
  • Power requirement: 9V battery.
  • Battery type and the life: ALKALINE PP3, 9V 250 hours.
More Information
Brand Armada Tech
Type Automatic Multimeter
Voltage 1.3 - 600 VAC or 600 VDC
Warranty 10 Years
Brochure (5.56 MB)