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Armada Technologies PRO-300 Wire and Valve Locator

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Armada Technologies PRO-300 Wire and Valve Locator

The Residential Wire and Valve Locator You Can Count On

If you're a contractor or homeowner working primarily with smaller wired systems, Armada's Pro300 is a perfect fit. Because underground wires and cables in residential sprinkler systems don't run for long distances, the Pro300 is the ideal product for your needs.

How Does the Pro300 Residential Wire and Valve Locator Work?

The Pro300 Wire and Valve Locator sets up and works just like the larger commercial Pro700 and Pro800D models. Simply place the included ground stake directly into the earth and attach one alligator clip to it. Then, attached the other alligator clip the wire you want to track. Next, follow the path of the null beeps to track the wire. Should a wire be cut or broken, the signal will stop there. Lost solenoids are also easy to find with our residential valve locator, as the signal will change over the solenoid, indicating its location.

With our Pro300 model, you can save money without feeling shortchanged on performance. Everything you need to do the job, and do it well is included: a transmitter/case, receiver, antenna, ground stake and owner's manual.

  • Output Frequency- 2Khz
  • Output Power- 350Vac P-P
  • Transmitter Power- 8 C Type Batteries
  • Receiver Power- 1 9v Square Battery
  • Distance- Up to 500 feet
  • Depth- Up to 4 feet
Armada Tech
Product Type:
Valve Locator
1 Year
Valve Locator
4.8 / 5.0
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Time Saver
Great device to have! Saved me a lot of time tracing wires and valves in a house we just bought. 6 of 9 zones were buried, one at least a foot deep! The PRO-300 found them for me in no time. A total of 45 mins to find all of them, one it only took me 5 minutes to find. This is well worth the money. Very satisfied with my purchase.
April 5, 2019
1 year ago
Excellent product
Looked for a valve that was stuck open for about 2 hours, called to reserve a valve locator, none on hand, ordered the pro 300, went back to the property and found the valve within 5 minutes, I was very impressed with how it worked, made my job easier, I was about 50 yards from the pro 300 with the receiver and had my doubts that it would work on the other side of the building where I was but it worked fine, I was impressed and would recommend this product for anyone!
June 29, 2014
Performed as Promised
It worked exactly as it was supposed to. I located several buried valves that were still wired, and I located a broken wire to another valve. Unfortunately, the initial installer did an underground splice, and the wires pulled out. Since the stripped wires were directly in contact with the ground, it tended to "ground" a whole area which made finding the break difficult. However, tracing the wire from its source led to the general area of the break, which I found. The cost of this unit was well below the repair estimate I received from a local sprinkler installer firm. Turned out to be a great deal.
August 1, 2019
10 months ago
Wires in a cable
My control wires are bundled into a cable; one cable has 10 wires and the other has 7. The signal on the wire that I energized and was tracing coupled into the other wires in the cable that the wire was in. So all the wires in that cable indicated a signal. When I traced the wire to the valves I had to raise the probe well above the ground and adjust the volume and listen carefully to to determine the strongest signal which was the particular wire and valve of interest. This worked on all but three valves. Those valves were so close that I was not able to determine which was which without digging. Note all my valves are in valve boxes but the covers are 3 to 9 inches below grade. For the three closely spaced valves not only couldn't I determine which valve was which but I couldn't tell where the valves were exactly since the signal was strong over a large area.
June 15, 2019
1 year ago
Great budgit locator
This is a great product. It does the trick for finding valves in close proximity to the locator. I had a valve at a ball part that I had tried to find for years with an expensive utility locator. Found it buried with out a valve box in five minutes.
June 29, 2017
over 2 years ago
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I installed residential irrigation valves 12 years ago. I thought I would remember where they are. Not so. This device will hopefully help me find the one that is failing.<br />Jeff Naples Fl
Jeff D on Jan 18, 2019
used it before very simple to use gets the job done
P H on May 3, 2018
I installed residential irrigation valves 12 years ago. I thought I would remember where they are. Not so. This device will hopefully help me find the one that is failing.<br />Jeff Naples Fl
Jeff D on Jan 18, 2019
online reviews were,all positive. I'll soon find out
Emmanuel O on Aug 18, 2018
used it before very simple to use gets the job done
P H on May 3, 2018
Good reviews on Amazon
F A on Jun 20, 2017
Price and features
Ed C on Jun 5, 2017
I have had 4 sprinker companies try to find my sprinkler valve box and they cannot find it. I had 4 sprinkler zones when I had a new monitor installed and then the companies told me they could not find the 4th zone. I need to find the 4th zone as I am unable to water my back yard. My other three zones work fine.
R E on Mar 21, 2017
online reviews were,all positive. I'll soon find out
Emmanuel O on Aug 18, 2018
Good reviews on Amazon
F A on Jun 20, 2017
Can I also use this on high voltage wire in metal conduit it I only supply it with 24ac voltage?
I nee to justify the cost.
Mike M on May 3, 2012
the pro 300, will it locate cylinoids on a 1 acre parcel, where they are scattered aroound the property?
A shopper on Apr 30, 2013
BEST ANSWER: The PRO-300 will locate the valves. On that size property it might take you some time but it will do the job.
Will this equipment locate wires that have been broken or destroyed by a fence contractor?
Steven E on Jun 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: i cut a sprinkler zone wire with a core machine , this device allows you to approxitmately trace the path of a wire till the break ,but in my case i was back feeding thru solenoids also , gets a little confusing , you have to use common sense with your wiring , i had to disconnect wires etc to get 1 path or location , even then it was not exact but close,then i ran a new section of 8 wire and replaced the broken area, ( im a service tech ) so im use to troubleshooting , if you handy you can do it, i never could have found it without the pro-300.
i did not know the path of the sprinkler wires or the location of the valves ( grass overgrown)like looking for a needle in a haystack. , of course you wiring is different from mine ,you may know location etc, hope this helps , it worked for me but alot of effort.
Is Pro 300 sufficient for 8 zones sprinkler system half an acre lot? Thank you.
Luis C on May 3, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I used mine on a 10 zone system to trace out a circuit that had a break in the wire. I also used it to locate all the control valves in that same system. System covers a one acre lot.
How much does the Pro300 weigh?
Doug S on Jul 31, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The whole thing together weighs a pound or two. The part you actually carry around to locate the valve is like a multimeter or small radio. Doesn't weigh much at all.
Charles H on Oct 12, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I highly reccommend the Pro 3000. I have 15 zones and 1.6 acres. I used it to find 2 lost zone valves, 2 cut wires and 3 loose connections. You have to get used to looking for the null tone as they show in their video. Simply listening for a tone does not work (except for finding buried zone valves). Once I learned this I was able to locate wiring (and cut connections) within a few inches that were buried in 1 ft of dirt. The manual stated the traced cable must be grounded, that seems to make no difference in tracing capability, just don't shock yourself by touching the wire you are tracing.
Can I find if my common ground wire under ground is cut or shorted with
this tool? just like I located my valves.
A shopper on Jul 26, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Yes... It is possible, but you really have to pay attention and listen to the tones. You may have to adjust your dial on your receiver as you go too. Hook to your common at your controller and trace it. You should hear the tone fade off or stop at your break. If it is only shorted or still slightly touching... You may not be able to locate the break.
From the manual. If you want to find a particular valve, connect the red lead of the transmitter to the station wire leading to that valve and the black to ground as described above. Connect the Pro300 as above. My question is: When locating a solenoid or valve does the common wire need to be disconnected? I
R E on Apr 11, 2020
BEST ANSWER: No, it does not. When you are trying to locate valves themselves, follow the directions for finding them.
What is the Depth and range?
A shopper on Dec 6, 2011
BEST ANSWER: Not sure what the depth range is but we've nenver had a problem in commercial or resedential configurations over 2' deep. Easily locates at distances over 500' from the source. The key is to make sure you have a good ground.
I need to trace 24 volt irrigation zone wiring about 2' deep and probably 200' in lenght. Will this device work well with these conditions?
A shopper on Jan 26, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes, I have been extremely pleased with my Pro-300. I must say, that I have never located a wire 2ft. deep. Most of the wiring that I have located is around 8-12 inches...... Thanks,
Mike S: I want to find breaks in 208V lines between street lights. Will this do the trick? Needs to find the break between 2 lights approximately 100 feet apart and 2 feet deep (not in conduit). Thanks
Mike S on Jun 26, 2012
BEST ANSWER: I bought this to trace wires for a well hidden sprinkler system and it works fine for the small wires from the control panel that are down about 12-18 inches. However, when an electrician cut some wires for an old house near us - we tried it on the 100 AMP service wire with some success. We used it with Fresh batteries for wires down about a foot and it was fairly weak and faint - but we did have some success. It woks best if the tested wire is completely removed from any other connection. Good luck
what is the difference between armada pro 290 and pro 300 ?
A shopper on Aug 2, 2016
I have purchased this tool to locate valves in my yard previous owner had
local sprinkler company service and repair system I had no map,sketch,
nothing,in 15 mins I located 4 valves that are not working.Does this mean
that wires under ground are good?And solonoids could be bad? I thing?
A shopper on Jul 25, 2012
BEST ANSWER: The wires underground could be bad because you have a common wire and a hot wire. disconnect the common wire and the hot wires to all zones you are tracing to the valve. trace eat wire to each valve . if you can trace them to each valve. wires should be good. I find it strange that all four valves are not working. check to see if the water is cut on at the backflow preventer. if so manually turn the cylinoide a quarter turn , zone should pop up. if so turn off. make sure control box has power to it. at this point try replacing 1 cylinoide if that works replace the rest. if it doesn't it is more than likely your wires. before going to all that trouble first try turning water off at the backflow preventer unscrew all cylinoides turn water back on at backflow preventer and check to see if water is coming out of where the cylinoide was. if so turn off water at backflow preventer replace cylinoides. test system. if this fixes it it's because dirt probably got stuck in between cylinoide and valve. if this doesn't fix it try replacing cylinoide if that doesn't work it's probably your wiring. I had to run a whole new wire , that was my problem. I cheated and ran a new wire underneath the house in the crawl space to the front yard as not to tear up the yard. hope this helps.