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Conbraco 4A-200 RPZ Backflow Preventer 2 in. Union End Ball Valve | CDC4A-208-A2F

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  • Maximum protection against backpressure/backsiphonage
  • Removable discs
  • Internal sensing passage
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Low head loss
  • Economical
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Comes standard with Apollo full port ball valves with steel handles*
  • Maximum working pressure 175 psig
  • Operating temperature range 33 degrees F-180 degrees F
  • Replaceable seats
  • Test cock dust covers standard
  • Designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in South Carolina, USA
  • * 3/4" - 1" : Tee Handles 1-1/4" - 2" : Lever Handles
  • Conbraco Industries, Inc. continues to operate as Apollo Valves

  • Maximum Working Pressure 175 psi
  • Hydrostatic Test Pressure 350 psi
  • Temperature Range 33 degrees F - 180 degrees F


The Conbraco Series 40-200 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer is designed to give maximum protection against backflow caused by either back-pressure or back-siphonage.

The durable, but economical, device is easily maintained in the line without any special tools. It consists of two independently acting spring-loaded check valves with an automatic differential relief valve located between the check valves. The diaphragm and the sensing passage are built into the all bronze body to eliminate possible damage. Three of the testcocks are mounted at the top to assure easy access during repair and maintenance when unit is installed in tight places.


  • Conbraco CDC40-204-T2 - 3/4" Reduced Pressure Assembly
  • Conbraco CDC40-205-T2 - 1" Reduced Pressure Assembly
  • Conbraco CDC40-207-T2 - 1-1/2" Reduced Pressure Assembly
  • Conbraco CDC40-208-T2 - 2" Reduced Pressure Assembly


  • Conbraco CDC40-007-A1 1-1/2" - 2" Major Repair Kit

"Backflow preventers are installed in the irrigation system to protect our drinking water, save lives and prevent illness."

Spec Sheet

More Information
Brand Conbraco
Test Cocks 4 FEMALE
Max Working Pressure 175 PSI
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 350 PSI
Temperature Range 33F to 180F
Main Valve Body Materials Bronze
Elastomers Silicone
Springs Stainless Steel
Warranty 5 Years
Size 2 in.
Connection Union End Ball Valves
Lead Free Not Lead Free
Specifications (911.28 kB)
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