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DIG Flat Drip Tape Flat Soaker Tape (12 in. Emitter Spacing) (.8 GPH) (100 ft.) | ST100R

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DIG ST100R Flat Drip Tape Flat Soaker Tape (12" Emitter Emitter Spacing) (.8 GPH) (100')

Drip Soaker Tape is a flat, thin-walled hose containing pre-spaced drip emitters, that expands when filled with water. The model ST100R for 100ââšÂ¬ and ST500 for 500ââšÂ¬ drip soaker tape have in-line drip emitters, welded into to the drip soaker tape every 12ââšÂ¬ during the extrusion process, allowing for complete saturation coverage along the line. Ideal for drip irrigation of vegetable gardens and row crops including tomatoes, strawberries, melons, peppers, eggplants and more, drip tape can be installed above or below ground or under mulch. The most efficient use of drip soaker tape is with low flow drip emitters, closely spaced to achieve the desired wetting pattern. Homeowners are successfully using a range of drip irrigation techniques including drip soaker tape systems to grow a variety of crops without the use of traditional sprinkler systems. The drip soaker tape requires special fittings, available in a number of configurations, for exclusive use with the drip soaker tape.

Inner Diameter:
.634 in.
Outer Diameter:
.665 in.
Drip Tape
Purpose Or Function:
Drip Tape