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DIG Drip Soaker Tape Line End | ST12B

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DIG Drip Soaker Tape Line End

  • Max PSI: 60
  • Operating PSI: 25
  • Purpose: Connect drip tape to poly tubing

Features & Benefits

DIG’s Drip Soaker Tape Fittings are available in many configurations to meet all types of applications in the layout and installation of drip tape. They use a threaded sleeve assembly over a body with a large barb for easy installation.

The larger threaded sleeve makes the fittings easier to install and tighten, and the sealing interface with a long barb provides guides for the drip tape to slide over the barb for a secure seal. The fittings are made of high-impact, UV-resistant plastic so they last for many years and work exceptionally well with all major brands of drip tape.

  • Used to connect to drip tape to poly tubing
  • Fits all brand name 5/8” or 15 to 17 mil drip tape
  • Made from high-strength, UV- and chemical-resistant plastic, containing 2% carbon black
  • Secure and easy installation without glues or clamps
  • Larger inverted threaded sleeves for easy and fast installation

Product Details

  • Maximum operating pressure: up to 60 PSI
  • Recommended operating pressure: up to 25 PSI
  • Use with 15 to 17 mil drip tape with drip emitters or with water passage along with the drip tape

How to Specify

Model  Description
ST11B Drip Soaker Tape Connector
Couples together two pieces of drip tape line.
ST12B Drip Soaker Tape End
Closes the end of drip tape lines.
ST13B Drip Soaker Tape Reducer
Use to connect drip soaker tape into 1/2" poly tubing.
ST14 Drip Soaker Tape Swivel Adapter 3/4 in. FHT
Swivel adapter with 60 mesh screen filter. Use to connect drip tape to a faucet or garden hose.
ST15 Drip Soaker Tape to 1/2 in. Tubing Connector
Connects drip tape to the end of 1/2" poly tubing (.700 OD)
More Information
Brand DIG
Type Drip Soaker Tape Line End
Max PSI 60
Operating PSI 25
Warranty 3 Years