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EZ-Flo 1 Gallon Fertilizer Drip Tank | 1010-HB

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EZ-FLO 1010-HB 1 Gallon Hose Bib and Drip System

EZ-FLO is the fastest and easiest way to have a beautiful landscape and a healthy garden. EZ-FLO Hose and Drip Systems can be used with any Liquid or Water Soluble product to Feed through a Garden Hose, Drip System, or Single Irrigation Zone after the zone valve.

Hose Bib units can be used by any homeowner, nursery or grower simply by attaching it to a standard water faucet. All pars for installation are included with the system. However, if installing without the included connector, a CBV is required for proper injection.

Gardeners have long loved this unit for its ability to feed their flowers, trees and shrubs without constantly refilling the tank. It can be moved around to feed multiple areas.

Features & Benefits

  • 1 Gallon Hose Bib & Drip Connection - For On/Off and Constant Pressure (3.8 liter)
  • 100 psi maximum
  • Not for use on an irrigation mainline

Manuals and Literature

Instructions 1010 HB Hose & Drip System Feed Rate Calculations Liquid Dip Tube Conversion Retail Catalog
Hose Bib & Drip System
Primary Use:
Fertilizer Only
Tank Size (Gallons):
Fertilizer Drip Tank
Above Ground Installation:
Max PSI: