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EZ-Flo FERTI-MAXX 2.5 Gal 3N-2P-1K Liquid Fertilizer | FERTI-MAXX-SUGAR-25

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EZ-Flo FERTI-MAXX 2.5 Gal 3N-1P-2K Liquid Fertilizer

  • Formula: 3N-2P-1K
  • Container Size: 2.5 Gallons
  • Type: Liquid Fertilizer

Features & Benefits

These products are not certified for use in organic food production

FERTI-MAXX organic products are specifically designed for the customer seeking to enhance their landscape with an organic alternative to traditional chemicals. The FERTI-MAXX organic fertilizers are high quality to deliver premium results while incorporating long shelf life and ease of application. To achieve the best results, FERTI-MAXX organics may be combined with ROOT-MAXX to add Humic acid, Fulvic acid, and Mycorrhizae.

Even though the EZ-FLO system can deliver any liquid or water soluble product, the results delivered by the EZ-FLO system go hand in hand with the quality of the products it delivers. EZ-FLO continually tests and evaluates fertilizers and supplements so we can provide the best products, for each type of application, to our customers.

We offer proprietary blends that have passed EZ-FLOs rigorous product testing to ensure Superior Results. The fertilizers we offer have fewer salts and fewer impurities when compared to other fertilizers.

Product Details

  • FERTI-MAXX Organic Sugar Blend 3-1-2 plus 1% Magnesium 2-1/2 Gal Jug
  • Designed as a low growth product for landscape health development and retention
  • Effective in cool, warm, and hot weather
Nitrogen Phoshorus Potassium
  • Helps with plant growth ABOVE ground
  • Promoting growth of foliage
  • Produce lush green lawns
  • Establishing growth BELOW ground
  • Root Health
  • Flower/Bloom production
  • Overall plant health
  • Winterizing
  • Helps disease resistence
More Information
Brand EZ-Flo
Liquid Yes
Container Size (oz.) 2.5 Gallons
Formula 3N-2P-1K
Type Liquid Fertilizer