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EZ-Flo Replacement Tubing Assembly Kit | TUB-ASSMB-CX

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EZ-Flo Replacement Tubing Assembly Kit

  • Kit Includes:
    • 2 Shut Off Valves
    • 1/4" Black Tubing
    • 1/4" Clear Tubing
    • 2 Washers
    • 3 Small Black Clamps
  • Cap Connectors Sold Separately

Features & Benefits

EZ-FLO Main Line Systems attach directly to your in-ground sprinkler and/or drip irrigation system. Every time you use your irrigation system, EZ-FLO releases small, precision doses of water-soluble or liquid non-hazardous fertilizers into the water stream.

One system will feed through both sprinkler and drip irrigation zones without the need to make any adjustments or nozzle changes to compensate for water flow or water pressure. Main Line Systems have been designed to connect directly to your irrigation system after an approved backflow prevention device.

They are designed to withstand the constant static water pressure present in your irrigation system. These units are constructed of heavy-walled, UV-Resistant PVC and have no moving parts making them very reliable, dependable, and maintenance-free.

Product Details

How Do I Get Rid Of Air Bubbles In The Clear Tube?

Oftentimes air bubbles are caused when air is left inside the tank at startup. Be sure that you have topped the tank off with water before starting your system. An air bubble can be removed by slightly loosening a connector nut on the side of the cap while the system is operating. Small air bubbles will sometimes remain. Generally, these do not prohibit the flow of fertilizer. If you see color on both sides of the air bubble, it is likely that fertilizer is flowing past it.

How to Insert Tubing:

  • Connect blue connector (Sold Separately) to water in connection by pressing the black tubing (TUB-BT5) into the blue fitting
  • Bleed air from the tank by slightly opening the shut-off valve on the black line until the air is purged, then close
  • Connect the green connector (Sold Separately) to the green fertilizer out connection on the cap by pressing the clear tubing (TUB-CT5 not included) into the green fertilizer outside of the cap and open both shut-off valves.

Fertilizer Distribution Rates

EZ-FLO's patented flow technologies ensure that the proportion of fertilizer to water remains constant from the beginning of the cycle until the tank is depleted of fertilizer.

All EZ-FLO fertigation units have an adjustable cap with four reference settings corresponding to the amount of fertilizer mixed with the water.

The cap can also be set at points between these four reference settings for unlimited adjustment flexibility within the maximum and minimum proportioning rates for the cap.

More Information
Brand EZ-Flo
Warranty 5 Years
Brochure (290.08 kB)
Parts (760.66 kB)