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The DIY Sprinkler Store

Hunter I-20 Stainless Steel Rotor with Check Valve 6 in. | I20-06-SS

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Hunter I-20 Stainless Steel Rotor with Check Valve 6"


  • Hunter I-20 Stainless Steel Rotor
  • With Check Valve
  • Pop-Up Height: 6 inches

Features & Benefits

  • Models: 6"
  • Arc setting: 50 to 360 degrees
  • Factory installed rubber cover
  • Through-the-top arc adjustment
  • Quick check arc mechanism
  • Water lubricated gear-drive
  • Includes: set of 12 nozzles (8 standard and 4 low angle) 1 adjustment tool per order.

The PGP Ultra takes the foundation of the best-selling PGP Rotor and raises the bar with a variety of new features developed over three decades of research, customer feedback, and lab testing. Among the most notable improvements of the PGP Ultra are its non-strippable drive and automatic arc return. These two features work to allow the turret to be turned without causing damage, and return the turret to its original arc regardless of where it is turned. Other advanced features include 34 nozzle options with several radius choices, and a headed slot and set screw. The diversity of the PGP Ultra offers system installers an array of efficient options on any site.

Automatic Arc Return

This patented feature returns the turret to the original arc regardless of where it is turned. This ensures vandal protection in any environment.

Non-Strippable Drive

The patented, non-strippable, vandal-proof drive mechanism enables the turret to be turned without causing damage.

Part and Full Circle in One Model

Patented non-reversing 360 for part- and full-circle in one model, from 50 to 360 degrees.

Headed and Slotted Set Screw

Use a slotted screwdriver or the Hunter wrench for easier and simpler adjustments as needed.

Flostop® Control

FloStop closes the flow of water from individual sprinkler heads while the system is running. This is ideal for changing nozzles or turning off specific heads during maintenance and construction.

Optional Reclaimed Water ID

Purple caps indicate where non-potable irrigation water is being used.

Stainless Steel Riser

For unforgiving soil conditions, unpredictable climates, or heavy foot traffic, stainless steel is the best choice

Drain Check Valve (Up to 10 ft. of elevation)

The drain check valve keeps lines from draining when the system is shut off. This saves water, reduces liability, and increases system life.

Product Details

  • Radius: 17' to 46'
  • Flow Rate: 0.36 to 14.8 GPM
  • Recommended pressure range: 25 to 70 PSI
  • Operating pressure range: 20 to 100 PSI
  • Precipitation rates: 0.4 in/hr approx.
  • Nozzle trajectory: Std = 25 degrees, Low angle = 13 degrees
  • Overall Height: 9-7/8"
  • Pop-up height: 6"
  • Exposed Diameter: 1-3/4"
  • Inlet Size: 3/4" female NPT
More Information
Brand Hunter
Pop-Up Height 6 in.
Check Valve Check Valve
Riser Material Stainless Steel
Type Rotor
Application Residential And Commercial
Body Height 9-7/8
Inlet Size 3/4 in.
Pressure Range (PSI) 25-70
Warranty 5 Years
Spray Pattern Part Circle Adjustable (50 - 360)
Spray Radius 17 ft. - 46 ft.
Advanced Features Check Valve, Flow Shut-Off
Brochure (770.54 kB)
Specifications (172.60 kB)
Brochure (398.33 kB)