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Irritrol RainDial 600 Indoor/Outdoor 6 Station Replacement Faceplate | RD-6MOD-R

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Irritrol RainDial 600 Indoor/Outdoor 6 Station Replacement Faceplate 

  • Type: Faceplate ONLY
  • Station Expansion: 6
  • Controller Compatibility: RainDial 600 Indoor & Outdoor

Features & Benefits

Gerneral Rain Dial-R Series Controller Information:

In addition to the numerous upgrades built into this popular, long-standing controller, the optional CLIMATE LOGIC Wireless Weather Sensing System makes the Rain Dial-R a “smart” controller on the cutting edge of water management.

When governed by Climate Logic, the Rain Dial-R will automatically water more on warm or hot days and less on cooler days. The Rain Dial-R and weather-based Climate Logic Wireless Weather System provides a simple and effective water management solution.

Product Details

Specifiying Information:

RD - RAIN DIAL 600 - 6 Station
900 - 9 Station
1200 - 12 Station
EXT - Outdoor
INT - Indoor
MOD - Module
R - Rain sensor

Example: A Rain Dial 6 station, outdoor model = RD600-EXT-R

NOTE: The new blue Rain Dial module will retrofit older Rain Dial cabinets, but not Rain Dial Plus cabinets

    RD600-INT RD900-INT RD900-INT
Reference Number Description Part Numbers Part Numbers Part Numbers
1 Terminal Board Assembly R8987 R8987 R8987
2 Hinge Post      
3 Transformer Assembly, 120 VAC, 60 Hz R201902 R201902 R201902
4 Module Assembly RD-6 MOD RD-9 MOD RD-12 MOD
More Information
Brand Irritrol
Warranty 5 Years
Type Expansion Module
Controller Compatibility RainDial 600 Indoor & Outdoor
Station Expansion 6
Parts (233.82 kB)