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Mister Landscaper Quick Fix Kit | MLK-FIXIT

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Mister Landscaper Quick Fix Kit 

  • Type: Quick Fix Kit
  • Purpose: Repair and Maintenance
  • Brand: Mister Landscaper

Features & Benefits

  • This quick-fix kit is perfect to have when you need that additional fitting, part, or just a quick fix

  • Everything included comes in a convenient easy to store tackle box that can be easily refilled with your favorite drip and micro-irrigation parts

  • All-In-One tool makes it easy to work with the 1/4-in fittings that are included in the kit and it also has a cleaning tool attached to clean the micro-sprays and the violet flow, controllers

  • Use the 1/4-in couplers to extend or repair cuts in the 1/4-in vinyl tubing and the 1/4-in in-line drip tubing

  • Use the 1/2-in couplers to extend or repair cuts in the 1/2-in poly tubing and the 1/2-in in-line drip tubing

  • Kit has one each of all the micro sprays to use for replacements or to try out a new spray pattern, three 8-in stake extensions to add height to the micro-spray on the stake assembly, and one of our micro spray pot stakes for watering a potted plant

  • Includes one each of all our drippers and an adjustable dripper stake to use as replacements or to try out a new dripper

  • The kit has our 1/2-in support stake to securely hold down the 1/2-in poly tubing or the 1/2-in in-line drip tubing and three of our 1/4-in support stakes to securely hold our 1/4-in vinyl tubing or the 1/4-in in-line drip tubing

  • All items includes are made in the USA, with exception of the drippers

Box Contents:

QTY  Description QTY  Description
1 Tackle Box 1 1/2-in Poly Support Stake
4 1/2-in Poly End Crimper 3 1/4-in Vinyl Support Stake
1 All-In-One Tool  4 1/4-in Vinyl Locking Collars
12 Goof Plugs  1 10 GPH Flow Controller 
10 1/4-in Vinyl Coupler  1 10 GPH Blue Diaphragm Replacement
3 1/4-in Vinyl Tee 1 1/4-in Vinyl On/Off Valve
3 1/4-in Vinyl Elbow 1 Adjustable Dripper Stake
1 Small Full-Circle Spinner 1 Adjustable Dripper w/ Coupler
1 Large Full Circle Spinner  1 .5 GPH Dripper w/ Coupler 
1 180° Half Circle Fan Micro Spray 1 1 GPH Dripper w/ Coupler
1 Quarter Circle Fan Micro Spray 1 2 GPH Dripper w/ Coupler
1 360° Rose/90°/Center Strip  1 .5 GPH Add-A-Drippers
1 165°/180°/320° Fan Sprays 3 8-in Stake Extension
2 1/2-in Poly Coupling 1 Micro Spray Pot Stake w/ Coupler
More Information
Brand Mister Landscaper
Purpose Repair and Maintenance
Warranty 1 Year
Type Quick Fix Kit