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Rain Bird XCZ 3 - 15 GPM Drip Zone Assembly 1 in. FPT | XCZ100PRF

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Rain Bird XCZ 3 - 15 GPM Drip Zone Assembly 1 in. FPT 

  • Size: 1 in.
  • Flow Rate: 3 - 15 GPM
  • Connection: Female Pipe Thread x Male Pipe Thread

Features & Benefits

These PR Filter kits provide on/off control, filtration, and pressure regulation with only three parts; so there is less chance of leakage at the connections, both at installation and over the life of the system.

  • Kits contain Low Flow Valve or 1" Anti-siphon valve
  • RBY Filter and 40 psi pressure regulator
  • Low Flow Valve is ideal for flows down to 0.2 GPM and allows you to install the filter downstream of the valve at these low flow rates
  • Ideal for residential and small commercial applications
  • Valve
    • Decades of proven performance for peace of mind
    • Low, medium, and high flow rates
    • Valves for reclaimed water
    • Low flow without weeping
  • Filter
    • Prevents sediments and impurities from entering the drip system
    • Extends the life of the drip system for years to come
    • Basket filters with quick check indicators
    • Easy to clean commercial disk filters for harsh water
  • Pressure Regulator
    • Pressure Regulation ensures constant outlet pressure for proper operation
    • Reduces the chance of tube and fitting blow outs
    • Pressure regulator built into the filter to minimize size (Look for the white dot)

Product Details

  • Flow: 3 to 15 GPM
  • Inlet Pressure: 20 to 150 psi (1.4 to 10.3 bar)
  • Regulated Pressure: 40 psi (2.8 bar)
  • 1 in. PR RBY Filter
  • Filtration: 200 mesh (75 micron)
    Note: An in-line check valve is required if the kit is not at the highest point in the irrigation system.

Complete Zone Coverage

Xerigation Control Zone Kits (XCZ) provides a complete and easy to install package that will properly deliver water to the drip irrigation system. Rain Bird’s XCZ’s contain all three essential components to ensure the drip install operates at its optimal performance for years to come. The control zone kits contain three major components: the valve, filter, and pressure regulator. Each component performs an important function on supplying the proper water conditions for the drip irrigation system. Rain Bird XCZ pre-packages these components making it easy for you to select, order, and install.

More Information
Brand Rain Bird
Operating PSI 20 - 150 PSI
Filter 200 Mesh
Warranty 3 Years
Size 1 in.
Flow Rate 3 - 15 GPM
Connection FPT x MPT
Pressure Regulator 40 PSI
Type Drip Zone Assembly
Manual (336.19 kB)