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TRC 0-1015 Sidekick 12 Station Sprinkler System Remote Control Kit

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Irrigation System Control - 12/24 station

The Sidekick FM Irrigation System Control is ideal for wireless control of irrigation systems with either 12 stations or 24 stations. This system is completely portable; making it ideal for commercial irrigation applications.

It can can be plugged into any 24 VAC irrigation controller that is outfitted with a Permanent Controller Connector (pigtail) or you can use an Alligator Clip Temporary Connector (optional item) which is a temporary connector cable with Alligator clips on one end to connect to the controller station or zone output wires (clip one of each of the alligator clips on each of the station or zone output wires).

If you want to have a remote that works with pretty much any controller you run into, we suggest using this TRC SideKick remote kit along with the optional Alligator Clip Temporary Connector cable. The Alligator Clip Temporary Connector cable has a connector on one end to connect to the SideKick Receiver Unit and the other end has Alligator Clips which are used to connect to each of the Sprinkler System timer output station (zone) wires. This allows you to quickly connect the SideKick Receiver to the Sprinkler system Controller using Alligator Clips instead of having to connect to each zone wire using the screw down connections found on the Sprinkler System Controller station (zone) output wires. The Alligator Clips make the connections very quick and temporary allowing a very fast connection to the irrigation controller when you're first starting the job and very fast disconnect when you are finished with the job.

If you want a Sidekick FM 12 System (Part # 01015) you will need to purchase the Alligator Clip Temporary Connector cable as a separate, optional item (Part # 01278QC )If you like the idea of having the Alligator Clip connectors come as part of the SideKick Kit, look at the following item: Sidekick FM 24 System w/ alligator connector (Part # 01010A).

Features and Benefits:
  • 3 year warranty
  • Operates any 24 VAC solenoid valve irrigation system
  • Proprietary PDTFM Transmission
  • Operates on one 9V alkaline battery
  • Self-resetting fuse in receiver
  • Touchpad control with audible tactile response
  • Rugged construction
  • Water-resistant
  • Audible low battery indicator
  • Random access station operation
  • 20 minute default shutoff

The Sidekick FM System comes in three models. All models come with a Sidekick FM Transmitter; Universal Receiver (12 or 24 station); two 8 in. whip antennas; 9V alkaline battery; and an Operations manual.

1. Sidekick FM 24 System: Also includes carrying case; 24-station permanent controller connector; magnetic mount antenna with coax cable; and FM transmitter belt clip. (Part # 01010 )

2. Sidekick FM 24 System with alligator connector: Also includes carrying case; 24-station

alligator quick-connect cable; 24-station permanent controller connector; magnetic mount antenna with coax cable; and FM transmitter belt clip. (Part # 01010A)

3. Sidekick FM 12 System: Also includes 12-station front-panel connector (pigtail). (Part # 01015)

Sidekick FM 12 System (Part #1015)

More Information
Brand TRC
Programmable Adresses 9999
Warranty 1 Year
Type Remote Kit
Zones 12
Specifications (359.96 kB)
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