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Armada Technologies PRO-290 Wire Locator

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Armada Technologies PRO-290 Wire Locator

  • Type: Valve Locator 
  • Depth – Up to 4 feet deep
  •  Batteries – 8 “C” (transmitter) and 1 9-volt (not included)

Features & Benefits

The unique Pro290 Cable and Wire Locator is a great tool for contractors tracing underground cables like CATV and telephony drop wires. The Pro290 consists of a transmitter
and receiver and uses a limited power output to match sensitive electrical equipment. The
Pro290 uses an easy to track 33 kHz frequency, and sets up in less than a minute.

Simply connect the Pro290 to the wire to be tracked and to the ground stake in dirt, get a
good ground indication, and track the beeps with the hand held receiver. It’s that easy.
Finding breaks in wires is easy too. When tracking a wire path, the signal will end when the
path ends. This could be the end of the cable or wire but additionally, can indicate where a
wire has been cut.

  • Tracks Underground Wires Including CATV, Telephony, etc.
  • Ground Condition LED
  • Range to 1,000 feet
  • Depth to 4 feet
  • Receiver Volume Control
  • Standard 33 kHz Tracking Signal
  • Ground Stake Included
  • Transmitter Automatic Off Switch
  • Uses 8 ‘C’ Batteries and one 9 volt (not included)

Product Details

  • Power Requirements: Transmitter – (8) ‘C’ batteries; Receiver – (1) 9V battery
  • Battery Life: Transmitter 200 hours; Receiver 25 hours
  • Transmitter Frequency: 33 kHz
  • Transmitter Power: 100 mw @ 1K Ohms
  • Weight: 4 pounds with case
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Box Contents: Transmitter, Receiver, Ground Stake and Antenna
  • Range: Up to 1,000 feet
  • Depth: Up to 4 feet deep
  • Power Output – 100 mw into 1K Ohms
  • Frequency – 33Khz
  • Weight – 3.5 pounds (complete kit)
  • Batteries – 8 “C” (transmitter) and 1 9-volt (not included)
  • Distance – Up to 1,000 feet
  • Depth – Up to 4 feet deep
  • Warranty – 12 months
More Information
Brand Armada Tech
Type Valve Locator
Warranty 10 Years