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EZ-Flo 128 oz. 12% Humic and Fulvic Acid w/ Mycorrhizae Supplement | ROOT-MAXX-1

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EZ-Flo 128 oz. 12% Humic and Fulvic Acid w/ Mycorrhizae Supplement

  • Type: Supplement
  • Container Size: 1 Gallon/3.78 Liters
  • Formula: 1% Humic & 11% Fulvic Acid with Mycorrhizae

Features & Benefits

Ferti-Maxx Liquid Supplement products are designed to be used to enhance a Ferti-Maxx fertilizer product or to be applied alone to achieve specific results. The Ferti-Maxx supplements are technically a fertility product but allow the ability to address a specific need of the landscape or plant. The addition of a supplement will enhance plant health, improve roots systems, or expedite color response with minimal top growth.

  • These products are not certified for use in organic food production
  • ROOT-MAXX 1% Humic & 11% Fulvic Acid with Mycorrhizae. Designed to maximize root development and improve nutrient uptake. Use year round, effective in cool, warm, and hot weather
Nitrogen Phoshorus Potassium
  • Helps with plant growth ABOVE ground
  • Promoting growth of foliage
  • Produce lush green lawns
  • Establishing growth BELOW ground
  • Root Health
  • Flower/Bloom production
  • Overall plant health
  • Winterizing
  • Helps disease resistence
More Information
Brand EZ-Flo
Liquid Yes
Container Size (oz.) 1 Gallon/3.78 Liters
Formula 1% Humic & 11% Fulvic Acid
Type Supplement